Menopause Special

By Nyamka Hughes | 24/07/2021

Listen To This Episode About This Episode As you might expect in an episode called Menopause Special, we talked about the menopause. Mostly. New co-host Adelle Martin is a menopause expert and so for her first episode in the studio (when we didn’t have a guest) it seemed sensible to exploit her knowledge and experience. Be rude not to! We discussed how we feel right now – mainly angry for no apparent reason. We trip along with what we’re reading right now, what we learned this week and round off with a sprinkling of tricky menopause symptoms that women often experience, but which are often attributed by them and their doctors to more another scarier cause. We hope you enjoy the show, find it useful and come out the other side of it with the idea that you can successfully run a business and deal with the menopause. For more information about how you can interact with the show, perhaps as a guest or sponsor, please visit Key Takeaway   Understand the possible symptoms if you start feeling odd, you may have a clue what’s happening before you see medical help.

This Will Just Have To Do For Now!

By Nyamka Hughes | 10/06/2021

Listen To This Episode About This Episode This will just have to do! You may wonder why the show has this rather odd title? It’s because when setting up for the broadcast everything just kept going wrong: the light fell down, so did the green screen, the mouse wouldn’t work, and so it went on. Yes, there was time to fix it, but we just couldn’t be arsed, not today In the show, we discuss reopening from lockdown and what to expect given what we’re seeing for some of our clients and connections. We also discuss ideas for moving forward. Right at the end we dip into the idea of stigma, people’s preset ideas and a key insight for preconceived ideas about coaches. • • • It’s a rather disjointed show, but it’s been a rather disjointed month! Key Takeaway There are lots happening for people right now. If people aren’t engaging with you or your business, take heart, it’s not you, it’s what’s going on. It will all grow. Just be aware and alert to what’s happening and develop with it.

Amazing Women Invisible Lives

By Nyamka Hughes | 20/05/2021

Listen To This Episode Special Guest About This Episode The story of writing a book. We are joined in the studio by Bernie Morgan, Business Consultant and now author and podcaster. Bernie recently published her book The Amazing Life of Cecilia Chatterjee which is based upon the trials and challenges faced by her grandmother in rural India as she struggles to become a lawyer over 100 years ago. Bernie shares her writing process and insights about the different routes to publishing. Also, how she set up her podcast and website to market her book without a big budget or lots of technical knowledge. Tune in to hear her story and insights – perhaps you’re thinking of writing your own book? The Women In Business Radio Show team are the host Sian Murphy and regular co-hosts Laura Lawrence, Jackie Groundsell and Adelle Martin. or email Key Takeaway Make sure you have a clear vision so you can set boundaries around how you will publish. Top Tips For Being in Business Top tip from our guest live on air… “Feel the fear and do it anyway” Susan Jeffers

How To Still Sparkle Even When It’s All Gone Tits Up

By Nyamka Hughes | 17/05/2021

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode It can go wrong, sometimes it can go really badly wrong. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep it together and keep your business growing. In this episode, we are joined by Carole Pyke The Personal Brand Storyteller, Queen of Sparkle, and two times stroke survivor. A woman on a mission to make the world a brighter place by helping executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners discover their Sparkle Power and develop their Standout Advantage. Carole has a unique approach and just like a chef in the kitchen, she combines the flavours of everyday life with the wisdom of experience (hers and others) and her signature SPARKLE Methodology, adding a sprinkling of wit and creativity to design an inspirational dish that has been known to make even the complex and challenging seem user-friendly and inspire the listener to take action with powerful results. Listen in to hear her step-by-step approach through her SPARKLE methodology – we think that what the K stands for was the biggest insight! The Women In Business Radio Show team are the host Sian Murphy and regular presenters Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell. or email Top Tips For Being in Business Top tip from our guest live on air… “Life is short. Eat Dessert First” Carole Pyke

Starting and Growing Your Business With A Franchise

By Nyamka Hughes | 06/05/2021

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode If you want to grow your business, have you considered a Franchise model? Creating a franchise is a well-established business model for growth, but it’s not a quick or easy route. Our Special Guest today, Rebecca Newenham has done just this and created a multi-award winning business, Get Ahead, which now has over 40 franchisees. Rebecca shares her experience of setting up the franchise, the pitfalls, the ideas and how to make it work. We also cover what to think about and look for if you want to start a business and think buying into a franchise as a franchisee could be the route for you. It’s not all plain sailing, and there are some great pointers in the discussion. At the end there is a brainstorm on networking and what to look out for. The Women In Business Radio Show team are the host Sian Murphy and regular presenters Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell. or email Key Takeaway Franchising can be a great way to go if you want to take your business to the next level of growth. But it’s not a simple route. There are lots of different aspects to consider, a load of preparation before you can launch, and the potential for some major, and costly, mishaps.Similarly, if you are thinking of buying into a franchise, a franchisee, there are many factors to explore and establish. Before you commit, make sure you know what you’re getting and all of your ongoing obligations and restrictions. Top Tips For Being in Business Top tip from our guest live on air… “Keep your eye on the prize” Rebecca Newenham

The Women In Business Radio Show

How To Say No and Why You Need To Say It.

By Nyamka Hughes | 26/04/2021

Listen To This Episode About This Episode A heads up! The recording quality in this is beyond bad. But, it we had such a great team involved that we’re just going to publish and be damned. Key Takeaway   The key to knowing when to say no and to be confident, diplomatic and kind is to know what you do, know who you do it with, set boundaries and have rules.Telling someone promptly that you won’t do something isn’t unkind. Being honest about what you can deliver, sets them free to find what they need in the best way.Saying no to what isn’t in your remit and purpose is the best route for you, your business and the universe.

From Corporate To Business – Taking The Plunge After 40

By Nyamka Hughes | 09/04/2021

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode Real-Life Stories Of Women Starting Their Business After 40 Years Of Age.   What’s it like to start your first business when you’re in your 40’s? The Women in Business Radio Show Team, Sian, Laura and Jackie, are joined by guest Suzanne Shaw, Kent Trainers Ltd, her business venture after leaving a successful corporate career.   During the show, we hear startup stories explore some of the ups and downs of starting a business over 40.   Grab a coffee (or a glass of wine), settle down and listen in for some top tips, ideas and, of course, a light-hearted and fun discussion. Key Takeaway Launching a business when you are older has definite advantages. Life experiences, career and life skills are likely to be better developed.  One factor which might be a barrier is fear, and especially that around income expectations. The longer we have spent in our career, the higher our salary is likely to be. However, being realistic about how long it can take to achieve your income goals and creating a solid business plan helps you manage risk, expectations and set a course for success.  But as our guest today put it, “Do It!” Top Tips For Being in Business Top tips from our guests live on air… “Consider all of the business administration you need to do beyond the stuff you love doing” Sian Murphy “Listen to your gut and don’t be afraid” Jackie Groundsell “Go For It” Suzanne Shaw what do you know now, that you wish you had known when you had started out? We always try and get this question in live on air… “Everything takes four times longer than you think it will” Sian Murphy “You can be the best boss you’ve ever had” Laura Lawrence “It’s hard. It’s not an easy ride. You have to put your heart and soul into it as running a business isn’t a hobby” Suzanne Shaw

How Homeopathy and Natural Remedies Restore Sleep, Naturally

By WIB Radio Team | 25/03/2021

For World Sleep Day 2021, I thought it would be timely to write about sleep, and how Homeopathy and natural therapies can help restore natural sleep. It will come as no surprise that insomnia statistics are rocketing during the pandemic, and that people should have as many options for treatment as possible, because the research shows that one size does not fit all. Let’s look at some recent statistics for insomnia and Coronasomnia: ·       In 2017, Mintel report that 1:4 adults experience insomnia with nearly 50% of those being women.1 That’s because hormonal shifts experienced by women affect the delicately balanced endocrine system and stress from the juggling act of life creates the high levels of cortisol and adrenaline in the blood which disrupts sleep  ·       Researchers at Southampton University reported a sharp increase in anxiety-related sleeplessness in mothers, key workers and those with BAME heritage2 ·       Social restrictions have disrupted sleep which affects immunity.3  ·       Researchers report how sleep can improve outcomes for Covid-194 ·       Researchers link severity of Covid-19 to gut health5 Most people’s first experience of sleep medicine is called sleep hygiene, a series of practical tips, guidance and advice which certainly set the scene for good sleep, but research confirms that sleep hygiene alone is not enough to help people sleep.6  Some people may be recommended a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (“CBT”) but that will depend on your health authority’s resources. CBT can help change behaviour around problematic habits but this approach doesn’t work for everyone.  Failing that, medication is often a last resort for persistent and chronic insomnia. I have worked as a Homeopath and Natural Health Consultant for over 20 years and have helped countless clients with all types of health problems and associated sleep conditions. Sleep is a great indicator of health and wellbeing – a bridge between the mind and body – and is why it forms part of my standard case taking. I have a wealth of experience and expertise in treating sleep and, while reading an article on insomnia, the penny dropped: the research confirms the efficacy of Homeopathy and natural therapies for insomnia,7-10 and further research shows that there is the desire for natural alternatives for insomnia, and Sleepability was born! What makes Homeopathy so effective is its simplicity. Each client and their prescription are individualised meaning no two people’s insomnia is the same, because each person is unique as are the causes of insomnia. Your life and response to a stressor will be different from another person’s experience of the same event. Equally, your medical and that of your family is unique.  To arrive at a bespoke remedy, expert case taking identifies that unusual and perhaps unique element in your case. For example, we work out what helps or hinder your insomnia; what worries or stresses you; perhaps you resort to drinking to help yourself wind down; or find yourself overeating and suffering with indigestion at night; perhaps you’re in pain, or experiencing side effects from your medication; maybe you drive yourself to excel or perhaps the opposite – you’ve let if all go now you’re working remotely; perhaps you’re lonely, or are better without company; or maybe vivid or repetitive dreams are keeping you from sleep. This will give you an idea of how unique everyone’s insomnia is and is why the ‘one size fits all’ will only ever have limited effectiveness. The key to the long term solution is you.  You’ve probably heard it before but gut health but it is absolutely fundamental to your sleep, immunity and mental health. This is because the microbiome is by far the biggest producer of the sleep hormone, Melatonin.11  See my suggestions below and start from today to improve your gut health and sleep.  Research has confirmed a direct and bidirectional link between sleep and mental health,12 so any steps you take to improve your sleep will improve your mental health, and vice versa. In terms of immunity, medical science is encouraged to promote sleep health for therapeutic control of chronic infectious, inflammatory and mental health disorders.13,14  Stress Management is another string to the Sleepability bow as I find people need practical tips to empower them to manage their sleeplessness. The stress may be personal or work-related but regardless of cause, the stress hormones produced will prevent you from sleeping.15-19 This is where a truly holistic approach to sleeplessness is effective. Homeopathy and Nutrition can help take your body off of ‘red alert’ and break the stress hormone cycle, to help restore your sleep naturally. In my experience, no amount of sleep hygiene tips will help a person who is stressed, anxious or suffering from trauma, bereavement or shock. My ‘roots & branch’ combines the best of sleep hygiene with Homeopathy and natural remedies. 1.        Healthy Gut = Healthy Sleep. From today, start taking one or more of the following:  ·       Kefir Yoghurt, Kombucha (non dairy option), Sauerkraut & Kimchi, Prebiotic and Probiotic supplements, Sea Buckthorn supplement ·       Eat more fibre (fruit, veg, pulses, nuts and wholegrains to feed gut flora) 2.        Homeopathy & Natural Therapies. Using my ‘root & branch’ approach, I identify the cause of your insomnia with expert case taking and restore sleep using bespoke homeopathic remedies, nutrition and stress management. 4.        Ditch the Tech. One of the biggest sleep myths is tech to help you sleep! The bedroom is for rest and intimacy only – not your gadgets. Electromagnetic radiation interferes with your sleep brainwaves. De-SMART your home, switch off your tech 2 hours before bedtime – and that includes your router at the plug point!  For more information, see my Top 7 Tips – the journey to natural sleep. Invest in your rest. Because sleep matters. Author Details Fliss Foster Sleepability is a unique and effective approach to insomnia. Combining the best of sleep hygiene, homeopathy and natural remedies, and 20 years of working with clients, I offer a ‘roots & branch’ approach to help you sleep again, naturally. Sleepability – The Natural Sleep Clinic

Turning Your Creative Hobby into a Business

Turning your Creative Hobby into a Business

By Nyamka Hughes | 04/03/2021

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode Do you have a hobby? Something you just love doing? Something you can  imagine yourself doing as a business? Well so many people have this dream  but it languishes doing nothing.  If that sounds like you, then you need to listen to this episode and connect with our guest, Anke Herrmann. Anke did just that, and along the way she learned some great business  lessons about business plans, what to do first and how to manage your  emotions so they don’t stifle your business.  Tune in to hear her story, some great ideas to help you in your own journey of turning your creating passion into your business.  Our host is Sian Murphy, Co-Host Laura Lawrence and a regular contributor  to the show, Jackie Groundsell.  Key Takeaway   Don’t get bogged down with traditional business plans and the trappings of business, such as websites. They may put you off and it may not be the best approach.    Start with the basics of what you want to create; find out who will buy it and if they are prepared to pay enough to make your business viable.  Top Tips For Being in Business Top tips from our guests live on air… “When it feels hard, your skipping steps” Anke Herrmann “The first step is not your website, the first step is not your business plan, the first step is to make one and sell it” Anke Herrmann “The biggest challenges you face come from directions you haven’t got a clue about” Anke Herrmann

Start Up Stories and The Importance Of Communities

Start Up Stories and The Importance of Community

By Nyamka Hughes | 25/02/2021

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode We’re joined in the studio by Adelle Martin, businesswoman and founder of the subscription community and base for her clients in the Women In Business Midlife Club. Alongside her, we introduce Susan Kabani, Founder and CEO of, the community platform Adelle uses to manage her community. We hear their startup stories as well as how they built and managed communities; the wins and pitfalls and a few reasons how this differs from running your community in a Facebook or Linkedin Group. Of course, there are the usual ideas and quick-fire round on business tips. Join host Sian Murphy, and co-hosts Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell for this lively and informative discussion. Key Takeaway Setting up an online community means getting to grips with new digital platforms. However, it’s not the techie stuff that counts, it’s the strategy around creating, managing and growing the community.   It’s the strategy that matters and having a plan for how it will grow and how you will manage it as that happens; setting community standards and listening to what your members want is what makes the difference.  The other key point was the difference between moving an existing community to a new platform, or meeting space, vs deciding on the space, and then creating the community from scratch.  Top Tips For Being in Business Top tips from our guests live on air… “Strategy not tech. If you don’t know what you want the community to do and how it will grow you will fail” Susan Kabani “Listen to what people want “ Jackie Groundsell “Decide how you want people to feel as part of your community and set the boundaries and rules around that” Sian Murphy “Have a clear purpose” Adelle Martin “Look after your community and make sure there aren’t any bad eggs “ Laura Lawrence

7 Tactics For Better Sleep with Fliss Foster of Sleepability

By WIB Radio Team | 28/01/2021

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode How are you sleeping? So many businesswomen are experiencing problems with sleeping. For some, it’s a new problem, possibly a response to the underlying stress associated with the ongoing Covid situation. Or perhaps it’s an issue you’ve struggled with for years. Either way, you probably want to get a better nights sleep. In the program today, we welcome Fliss Foster, who founded Sleepability. As a sleep expert, Fliss has helped people with all sorts of reasons for not sleeping and for whom the problem presents in different ways-not getting to sleep, or dropping off ok, only to wake in the middle of the night. Fliss shares her top 7 tactics for improving your sleep, and the women in the business team also share their challenges and solutions. Plus, some great book recommendations. With Host Sian Murphy and co-hosts Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell. You can connect with Fliss and Sleepability at Key Takeaway Most people suffer with poor sleeping at some time, and even more so in times of stress, such as with the Covid situation when this episode was recorded. The key is avoiding the stressful cycle of not sleeping and then lying awake worrying about not sleeping. If you can’t sleep, read a book, get up or listen to a story on an audio book – who knows you may even drop off. There are lots of potential solutions and some of them take a while to kick in so whatever you try, give them time to start working before you give up.

Fundraising For Your Business

By Mark Jennings | 14/01/2021

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode In the show today, we welcomed coach and mentor, Bayo Igoh who brings his background in the public and private sectors to help people reach their professional goals. We discuss what coaching and mentoring mean and how you can pick the right person to support you. Along the way we explore the concept of success, working with women and how our belief systems affect our results. There was one fab quote and concept to come out of this show, which can change the way you feel about your business and success in life. Our host is Sian Murphy, Co-Host Laura Lawrence and a regular contributor to the show, Jackie Groundsell. Our mission is to provide a platform where all women in business can shout about their business as well as broadcast the information women need to grow their business with confidence and joy. Please support us buying us one coffee or getting monthly updates for £3 Key Takeaway Are you ready for the BOOM! Before you seek funding, decide your WHY behind starting and running your business.  If you’ve turned your passion and life’s mission into your business this probably won’t fit with the outcome an investor is after.  The investor is probably looking for global growth to sell for a massive profit further down the line.  This means you’ve lost control of your brand and your business.  So decide now what you want to achieve and how your business fits into your life.

Start Up Brainstorm

By WIB Radio Team | 07/01/2021

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode Wow!  In this show we blasted through some of the things you need to consider when you’re starting a business for the first time. As everyone taking part had started their own business, and was also working with other businesswomen, this was really about sharing some of the mistakes we made and things we wish we had known when we first got going. That said, wherever you are in your business journey, there is always more learning, stuff goes wrong, we need to pivot to survive and we often need to reinvent and start again.  So there is something in here for everyone. As the weeks move on, we will take the key points out of this show and expand on them – so this is the groundwork, the key points to think about. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording it. In the ‘studio’ today were host Sian Murphy, Laura Lawrence, Jackie Groundsell and guest Adelle Helen Martin, founder of The Women In Business Mid Life Club. Key Takeaway   Rules!Set ground rules and create simple systems to help you stop racing forwards. Build in set times to check in and revise your business plan, the numbers that matter for your business, and time for you to rest.Simple systems for getting paid and dealing with non-payments takes away the personal element and confusing decisions about if you should chase someone who hasn’t paid you. Tools Our Guests Recommended Recommended Reading

Planning For A Productive, Positive and Peaceful New Year

By WIB Radio Team | 24/12/2020

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode How do you plan for 2021 when 2020 has been so unpredictable? How do you get a vision for your business and life when you have no idea what’s going to happen next? How do you even begin to start setting goals when the rug could be pulled out from under your feet at any time? These are just some of the tricky questions we answer in the show today when the full Women In Business Radio team get together for the last time before Christmas in what has been a tremendously difficult but enlightening 2020. Show host Sian Murphy is joined by Laura Lawrence, Jackie Groundsell, Toccara Steele, Nina Kristofferson. Catch up with more shows and information at Behind the scenes is Simone Mardell managing media production. Key Takeaway   The very first thing to do before setting your goals for 2021 is to Exhale.  Take a breath.  Take time to let things settle.  Now is not the time to be rushing ahead.  Now is the time to review and let go of what is not serving you at this time.If you can’t get the vision you need to set goals and start creating a great new year, then create the vision of you discovering new areas you can venture into; exploring opportunities in industry, community, creativity and for collaboration.It’s ok to take the time you need to do this.  Take a break, let go and allow events to unfold because not everything happens in a heartbeat. Top Tips For Being in Business Top tips from our guests live on air… “Set your focus word for the coming year” Toccara Steele, Identity and Life Coaching, LLC “Re-evaluate different areas of your life and write them down” Laura Lawrence “Get your body moving” Nina Kristofferson, Producer and Star of West End’s The Billie Holliday Show “Ask yourself – What Are You Going To Let Go Of?” Jackie Groundsell, 1230 The Women’s Company

How To Make Life Better For Teachers and Home Schooling Parents

By WIB Radio Team | 17/12/2020

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode In the show today, we explore how teachers and parents who now find themselves home schooling can look after their own wellbeing. We look at some of the issues and some simple ideas to make improvements even when it seems like there is just too much going on, or too much pressure from outside to be able to make a significant improvement. Our guests also share online resources to help teachers. Plus, two critical tips for parents who find themselves home schooling during COVID restrictions. Our host is Sian Murphy, Co-Host Laura Lawrence and a regular contributor to the show, Jackie Groundsell. Key Takeaway There are all sorts of situations where we can become overwhelmed.  Some of the circumstances might stem from societal, organizational or legislative constraints.  The reality is that whilst we may be able to influence change in the long run, that doesn’t help to improve wellbeing in the short term.Moving beyond what we can’t control to focus on what we can control is the only way to improve how we feel right now.We also get an excellent tip on how to pay more attention to our own needs; to balance the urgent things we need to do, with those that are important because they keep us healthy and give us vital energy to be effective day after day.Focus on what you can control now. Top Tips For Being in Business Top tips from our guests live on air… “Find your community” Rebecca Daniel “Find you. Find what you do best and delegate or outsource the rest. “ Saray Brammall “Network because that is where you will find the support “ Jackie Groundsell Recommended Reading

This Could Be Why You’re Not Getting The Results You Deserve

By WIB Radio Team | 10/12/2020

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode In the show today, we welcomed coach and mentor, Bayo Igoh who brings his background in the public and private sectors to help people reach their professional goals. We discuss what coaching and mentoring mean and how you can pick the right person to support you. Along the way we explore the concept of success, working with women and how our belief systems affect our results. There was one fab quote and concept to come out of this show, which can change the way you feel about your business and success in life. Our host is Sian Murphy, Co-Host Laura Lawrence and a regular contributor to the show, Jackie Groundsell. Our mission is to provide a platform where all women in business can shout about their business as well as broadcast the information women need to grow their business with confidence and joy. Please support us buying us one coffee or getting monthly updates for £3 Key Takeaway Are you ready for the BOOM! This is a great question from Bayo and a real eye-opener to what could actually be holding us back.  So often we think it’s fear of failure, lack of focus or not good enough goals that cause blockages.  Bayo’s simple question of ‘Are You Ready For The Boom?” asks us to question if we’re really ready for what could be on the horizon when success hits. Top Tips For Being in Business Top tips from our guests live on air… “Learn from the past. Plan for the Future. Live In the Present” Bayo Igoh “Control the controllable “ Bayo Igoh “Celebrate Success “ Bayo Igoh Recommended Reading

Switching To A New Way Of Delivering Your Service – Introducing New Media to Your Business

By WIB Radio Team | 03/12/2020

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode We welcome women in business from a range of sectors onto the show to discuss how their business has shifted to deal with the changes brought about by the COVID situation.   => Caroline Wardell, the founder of The Bamboo Wardrobe, designing and manufacturing ladies clothes for the wholesale market. => Nicole Johnston, Author, Ghostwriter and Book Coach => Gillian Huntley, Founder of Appearance Aesthetics, who specialises in skin treatments and permanent makeup => Roz Morris, TV News London, Media and Presentation Trainer, and herself a former BBC and ITV presenter.   Our co-hosts are of course also women in business and contribute to the discussion as Jackie Groundsell of 1230 The Women’s Company who run a network of Lunchtime business meetings for women, and Laura Lawrence, marketer and publisher of two print form community Magazines. Host, Sian Murphy is also able to contribute her experience from her core business as the organiser of B2B and B2C monthly and annual events. We explore how the COVID situation has affected their businesses; what action they took to pivot and their top tips for making a shift. We also hear how it’s ok to stand still for a while. Key Takeaway In fact there were a number of key points…The realisation that everything is not going to return to how it was before.  Even after the situation about COVID relaxes, there are people who will want to continue meeting, working and connecting online.  We need to adapt.We may not be professional broadcasters, but it matters if we don’t look good on screen;It’s ok not to have spent the time during lockdown making massive changes to your business.  Learning new techniques, new technology and pausing to think and rest are just as important.The top tips for this show relate to making a shift in your business and creating new experiences online. Top Tips For Being in Business Top tips from our guests live on air… “Be accessible to your people. Know where your audience is and pitch to them there.” Nicole Johnston “Don’t delegate the knowledge of how to use the software and platforms that get you online for broadcasting and meetings. It’s not good the techie bod in the office knowing how to do it, if they’re off sick and you’re at home and need to launch the event” Sian Murphy “Be yourself, know your subject and know your client. Always keep learning .” Gillian Huntley “Just Do It.” Jackie Groundsell “Fully embrace online technologies. Find out how to host videos, meetings and go live if that’s what you want to do. Find out how to look your best.” Roz Morris “Be careful about where you spend your money. Work out the priorities and then make a decision what to buy.” Laura Lawrence “Know your customer and how they are going to turn. It’s no good if you decide to go one way, whilst they are going in the other direction.” Caroline Wardell

Could You Be Doing More? How To Get Unstuck and Take Your Life and Your Business To A Different Level

By WIB Radio Team | 19/11/2020

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode Does any of this sound familiar? Can’t wait to get to the end of the week? Feeling exhausted and relying on caffeine to keep going? You keep asking yourself ‘What’s Wrong With Me?  I should be happy! Well perhaps there isn’t anything wrong with you.  Perhaps you’re not happy because you’re doing the wrong thing. But why do we let things linger like this for so long?  Why do we struggle to make the change? Tune it to hear special guest Tina Neve, The Emotional Wellbeing Career Coach and founder of Human Decision share her expert knowledge and experience to help us move forwards. Our usual contributors are co-host Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell.  Behind the scenes is Simone Mardell, Production and Media Manager. Our host is Sian Murphy. Register for the CSI Global Women In Business Event here… Key Takeaway Take time to think about and understand yourself. If things don’t feel right, sit down, get a pen and paper and think it through. Be honest with yourself about how you feel. Write down how you want your life to be, what you want to do each day. Just because you feel as though you ought to be happy with what you’ve achieved, doesn’t mean you have to stay where you are, that you can’t change your career. Just because you look successful and other people think you are, doesn’t mean it’s right for you, or all you can do. Change seems so much easier on the other side, but you have to take the first step. The first step is acknowledging that you want things to be different. Top Tips For Being in Business Top tips from our guests live on air… “You’ve got to be proud of what you do.” Tina Neve “There’s support out there – women give each other tremendous support unconsciously and without question – tap into it .” Jackie Groundsell “Take a break from what you’re doing.” Laura Lawrence What Do You Know Now, That You Wish You Had Known When You Started Out? We always try and get this question in live on air… “Make sure you do your marketing – when you come from a large organisation, this stuff happens, when it’s just you then you have to get this done yourself.” Tina Neve Recommended Reading

Surviving and Thriving In Massive Uncertainty

By WIB Radio Team | 05/11/2020

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode Lockdown 2 in the UK, the global Covid situation and the US Election are contributing to a massive global uncertainty – how do we survive and thrive? Tune it to this episode for ideas on how to move forwards, stop the panic, deal with anxiety and move towards creativity again. With guest expert Zeenat Noorani, Wellbeing and Mental Health Coach and Therapist, co-host Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell from 1230 The Women’s Company. Behind the scenes is Simone Mardell, Production and Media Manager. The host is Sian Murphy, who does lots of things with businesswomen. Key Takeaway There were 2 key ideas in this show! The first is to only focus on what you can actually control. Most of what is going on right now is out of our control, we can battle with a virus and we can’t control what’s happened in an election beyond our own vote. We have to focus on what we can control and that’s how we respond. The second is that in order to move forwards, and calm down enough to get the creativity needed to generate ideas to improve our circumstances, then we need to acknowledge what we are really worried about; what the real problem is and then take the actions we may not want to take to start the process to improve things.

Tricky Clients and How To Manage Them

By WIB Radio Team | 22/10/2020

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode Tricky Clients!  Complaints and more – if you’re in business we can guarantee you’re going to have to deal with something you’d rather not tackle.Our studio guest for this episode is Annabel Kaye, Founder of Koffeeklatch (and yes we do find out why it’s called that) and legal expert supporting small and micro businesses to get it right.We discuss what you need to get in place before clients get tricky and what you can do if it does go wrong.Also, tricky clients don’t always come with a sign round their neck, so how do you recognise the red flags so you can pick out the ones that look ok, that may have juicy projects you want to get your teeth into, but who are going to be a right pain in the butt as things move forwards.Plus, a couple of tips about what to do if it does go wrong.Our usual contributors are co-host Laura Lawrence, Jackie Groundsell and behind the scenes, Simone Mardell doing Media Management, and our host Sian Murphy. Key Takeaway The best time to deal with tricky clients, are before you take any clients on.  Systems, process and managing expectations are key.  Watching out for those red flags we talk about in the show, and of course saying no to a prospective client or project – however difficult that may be.And, there’s a difference between negotiating and asking for the same  job to be done cheaper. Top Tips For Being in Business Top tips from our guests live on air… “It’s not about being popular, it’s about being profitable.” Annabel Kaye “No knee jerk reactions. Acknowledge their complaint. Take a breath before you respond.” Everyone! “Figure out what makes money and do more of that. Figure out what doesn’t make money and do less of that, or stop doing it altogether.” Annabel Kaye “Manage expectations. If a client starts going outside of the scope, make sure you write to them asap and explain the difference in cost.” Laura Lawrence “Have a goal. What are you trying to achieve in this relationship. It’s a business relationship and if managing them takes you towards where you want to be then find a way to do it. If it doesn’t, then find a way to stop.” Annabel Kaye What Do You Know Now, That You Wish You Had Known When You Started Out? We always try and get this question in live on air… “That the brackets around the numbers on the accounts meant I was making a loss.” Annabel Kaye Tools Our Guests Recommended Recommended Reading