7 Things To Nail Before You Try Selling Online

By WIB Radio Team | 15/10/2020

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode Isn’t it all going Digital?  Do you feel as though you’re being left behind? Well, solid preparation and research now could save you ages in back peddling and redoing stuff later on.In this episode we welcome Digital specialist Katrina Young into the studio.  Katrina works with large corporates and small teams to help them develop and systemise their online products.  During our interview we look at the key things you need to consider before you just dive in.There are also some great little marketing tips along the way.We also have co-host Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell.  Behind the scenes is Simone Mardell on Media Production. Key Takeaway If you’re not getting the results you want, don’t just assume you know which part of your sales and marketing is letting you down.  No sales could mean your ads aren’t working, or it could be that the person taking the calls when the phone rings is letting you down.In this episode Sian shares a real life example of where this happened and the salon in question lost her business, even though their paid ad had done its job very well.  Top Tips For Being in Business Top tips from our guests live on air… “Focus on your sales. Sell every day. Make offers. Focus on giving value and conversations. “ Katrina Young “Know who you are, what you’re selling and how you’re selling it. That determines which platform you should go for. ” Katrina Young What Do You Know Now, That You Wish You Had Known When You Started Out? We always try and get this question in live on air… “Focus on messaging and business rather than trying to do everything. Just sit down and talk to the people you want to help.” Katrina Young Recommended Reading

Eliminate Fear From Your Life

By WIB Radio Team | 05/10/2020

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode As it happens, the title of this show ‘Eliminating Fear From Your Life’ is entirely wrong!In this week’s episode, we were joined by four businesswomen who help clients to navigate fear in their personal and business lives.  Tune in for: the difference between depression and fear top tips for dealing with fear 3 different types of fear – and one of them could be good! Plus, our guests share their top tips for being in businessThe usual banter by host Sian Murphy, co-host Laura Lawrence and regular contributor Jackie Groundsell. Key Takeaway Fear doesn’t always make itself obvious with a big banner. Sometimes there are only subtle clues. Procrastination, playing on social media, busy work, and even bad backs and poor health can be the result of fear. Top Tips For Being in Business Top tips from our guests live on air… “You are the most important resource in your business so look after yourself” Hayley Wheeler “Build good relationships” Kate Munden “Network, get out there. Keep talking.” Hannah Chamberlain “Keep balance and make friendships.” Tracey Allport What Do You Know Now, That You Wish You Had Known When You Started Out? We always try and get this question in live on air… “Nothing is fixed. It all changes and it’s ok to change as your business grows” Kate Munden “Just keep doing what brings you joy” Tracey Allport “Self-knowledge is a super power” Hayley Wheeler “Business is people so embrace your idiosyncrasies.” Hannah Chamberlain Recommended Reading

Getting Your Voice and Your Book Out There

Getting Your Voice and Your Book Out There!

By WIB Radio Team | 24/09/2020

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode Confession time – we really couldn’t think of a title that encompassed all the ideas we discussed. What we did do is have fun, We also met two inspiring and powerful businesswomen who specialise in presenting for other people. Nicole Johnston is an Author and writing coach but also ghostwrites for other people. Shernorva Abiona is a voice-over artist who helps businesses represent their brand across audio media. Shernorva started her business before she left school and already counts organisations like the BBC amongst her clients! We hear how they started their business journey, some of the challenges and their tips and ideas for getting your voice out there. Plus, shouldn’t every businesswoman be writing a book? We find out what could be stopping you and a simple idea for overcoming the procrastination. Also in the studio is our resident networking queen, Jackie Groundsell, Co-host Laura Lawrence and host Sian Murphy. If you can think of a better title, we are always open to ideas and we’d love to hear from you. Key Takeaway   You can create the time to write a book! If you write for 10 minutes a day, that’s 400 words and in 99 days you’ve got the text for your book. Start by writing down a few tips and ideas about how you can help people and before you know it you have the basis for your book. If you want complete control over your book, you need to self publish. Top Tips For Being in Business Top tips from our guests live on air… “We are all an expert at something” Shernova Abiona “Age and where you come from is just a tick on the box. People need to hear your story and your experience and it’s important to share your story “ Shernova Abiona “Find your niche, find what you love” Nicole Johnston Recommended Reading

Innovative Strategies and Tactics To Grow Your Business

By WIB Radio Team | 17/09/2020

Listen To This Episode Guest About This Episode In the show today, we discussed how growth means change, and the possible barriers for that to happen. We also had a wiz through planning your day for productivity, what are innovative strategies, and the difference between the business strategy for corporates vs small business and solopreneurs. One word that kept on coming up was systems! And, how do you deal with people who think it’s ok to call on you because you run your own business, so you have time to chat. ‘Only Me!’ Of course, there are also some top tips for business with our special guest Liz J Springer, The Innovation Strategist, author, speaker and business consultant. Our host is Sian Murphy, Co-Host Laura Lawrence and a regular contributor to the show, Jackie Groundsell. Key Takeaway   Create systems for the things that matter in your business:How will you get customers?How will people pay you?How will your business deal with complaints?What happens when an invoice isn’t paid.We reckon these are the top four for any business, but what are yours?Plan down to a very fine timeline – ‘I’m going to take 30 minutes to do this task.’ This means you have to manage distractions such as the phone, emails coming in and people calling for coffee! Top Tips and Quotes Top tips from our guests live on air… “Be tenacious, keep trying and don’t give up. If you fall down 19 times, what really matters is that you get up on the 20th time.” Liz J Springer “It takes a change for a change to take place” Liz J Springer What Do You Know Now, That You Wish You Had Known When You Started Out? We always try and get this question in live on air… “Have a strategy for your business.” Liz J Springer “The ability to say no. I had a client who expected results from a new marketing campaign within 2 weeks of it being launched. They weren’t a good fit for a client, and I should have told them I’m not working with them.” Laura Lawrence “Having the courage to have a selection process for clients and to turn away the ones that aren’t a good fit vs chasing clients and taking everyone on.” Sian Murphy Recommended Reading

It’s All Gone Horribly Wrong!

By WIB Radio Team | 05/09/2020

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode Sometimes it looks as though everyone else is doing so much better than we are. What happens if you have a blow that seems like it could be the end of your business? Today’s guests Annabel Kaye, Florence Liz Nakkozi, Lucy Guthrie and show regular Jackie Groundsell, share their experiences of when things really didn’t go to plan, in fact, they went very off-plan. What did they learn, what did they do and where are they now? As usual, the show is hosted by Sian Murphy and co-host Laura Lawrence. Key Takeaway When something happens, sit still for a while and take stock before you leap into action. Top Tips For Being in Business Top tips from our guests live on air… “Keep connecting” Jackie Groundsell “Do something people are prepared to pay you for, and make sure you get paid” Annabel Kaye “Keep doing something new” Lucy Guthrie “Keep believing and stand by your mission” Florence Liz Nakkozi What Do You Know Now, That You Wish You Had Known When You Started Out? We always try and get this question in live on air… “Be more aware of how long things take” Lucy Guthrie “Expect the unexpected” Annabel Kaye “People are interesting” Jackie Groundsell “Always put a value on your time” Laura Lawrence “Get to know your ideal client at the beginning and focus on that” Florence Liz Nakkozi Tools Our Guests Recommended Recommended Reading

Tapping Into The Power Of Communities

Tapping Into The Power Of Communities

By WIB Radio Team | 28/08/2020

Listen To This Episode Show Guests Key Takeaway Don’t go to a networking event hoping or expecting to get new business or meet clients.Set out to meet new people and make connections.Listening is more important than talking.Relax and enjoy meeting new friends and building a network of mutual support. ‘Top Tips For Being in Business” “You’re the best business card you could have. People buy you.” Catherine Best “If you make a promise deliver on it.” Laura Lawrence “Say yes to opportunities, even if they take you out of your comfort zone”. Kate Greenhalgh “You’re the best business card you could have. People buy you.” Catherine Best ‘What Do You Know Now That You Wish You Had Known When You Started Out” “I wish I had started 20 years earlier.” Coral Horn “Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a number of years to grow a good business.” Catherine Best “Not everything will work. Try it, park it, move on and try something else. Kate Greenhalgh Recommended Reading

Yes! You Really Can Generate Passive Income In Your Business

By WIB Radio Team | 27/08/2020

Listen To This Episode Guests About This Episode Is passive income a myth? We’ve heard so much about it, but is it possible to build it into your business without sounding like a scammy advert? Well, it turns out it is! In today’s show, we hear how Jade Anne, who specialises in confidence and marketing and created several passive and recurring income streams into her business. We also discuss at least three different types of new income streams you can build into your business right now. Tune in for the whole show! Key Takeaway   At the start, when you’re creating your passive income, it’s not about making millions.  If you create an income of just £1, you can replicate and build on it.You may not have a purse full of cash but you have the proof that it works. Top Tips For Being in Business Top tips from our guests live on air… “Choose something you’re passionate about to create your passive income.” Jade Anne “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass it is about learning to dance in the rain.” Jade Anne What Do You Know Now, That You Wish You Had Known When You Started Out? We always try and get this question in live on air… “I wish I’d known about passive income when I started out. It’s been a game changer.” Jade Anne. Tools Our Guests Recommended Recommended Reading

Shifting Your Business For Coronavirus

By WIB Radio Team | 31/03/2020

About The Show These are strange times indeed! The Coronavirus situation is sweeping the globe and forcing all of us to think about how we work, run our businesses and interact with others. Over the very first few weeks, we are seeing massive changes in how the business community is responding. How can you balance compassion for others with keeping food on the table for your own family by keeping your business going? What can we post onto social media and blogs at this sensitive time? Should we even be marketing our businesses? We are joined for our very first online recording (so please be gentle as the production quality is not up to our usual studio standard) by Zoe Cairns, founder of the Social Media marketing agency, ZC Social Media and Adelle Martin, The Executive Mid-Life Coach who is just stepping out into her own business to launch her brand new coaching programme. Zoe works with small businesses and international brands and is helping them to strategise their new approach on social media – and she shares some of the ideas with us. Adelle tells us how she has very quickly reorganised how to deliver her new programme to deal with the new situation. We dip into pricing when everyone seems to be giving their stuff away as well as some ideas for goal setting. The word for this show is Pivot – so tune in to get ideas on how to pivot your business! Also in the studio are host Sian Murphy and co-host Laura Lawrence.  

Keto and Intermittent Fasting Diets Demystified with Karen Roberts Weight Loss Expert

Keto and Intermittent Fasting Diets Demystified with Karen Roberts Weight Loss Expert

By WIB Radio Team | 27/02/2020

We did have fun in the studio today, Karen Roberts is a good laugh who whilst she certainly knows her stuff about the Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting, doesn’t take herself or the regime too seriously. Having spent 20 years as a fitness expert, Karen decided to give up the 20 fitness classes she was teaching a week, and starting using her brain instead of her body as a transformation coach. The days spent sitting down instead of jumping around, together with nibbling from the fridge, meant the pounds piled on and before she knew it she was 3 stone overweight. Her journey to shed the weight, and the excess skin, has now led her into a new business as she helps other businesswomen to do the same. Karen shares the facts behind the Keto Diet, and how it can work alongside Intermittent Fasting to not only help you lose weight but free you of the need to always be worrying about where the next food fix is coming from when the brain fog and hangry sets in. Tune in to hear the live recording of the show with host Sian Murphy, Co-host Laura Lawrence and of course Karen Roberts.   About The Show

It Takes Longer Than You Think – This Being In Business!

By WIB Radio Team | 20/02/2020

About The Show In the studio today, we have Fashion Designer, Anthi G, Tech Product Designer Jacqui Seager, special co-host Nina Kristofferson, Co-host Laura Lawrence and our host Sian Murphy. Together we explore how long it takes to get your product, design and business off the ground and some of the pitfalls along the way. Anthi, an award-winning couture designer, knew she wanted to design clothes for the stage since she was a child. Jacqui, on the other hand, surprised herself by feeling compelled to take a product to market, and she has certainly had to show some perseverance along the way. Nina Kristofferson is a power-house producer, director and star of the West End Show, The Billie Holliday Story and so is the consummate artist who is also the master of her own business. Also in the studio were presenters, Host – Sian Murphy and Co-Host – Laura Lawrence.

The Start Up Show 2020

By WIB Radio Team | 04/02/2020

About The Show In today’s show, we hear from two businesswomen who are very early on in their start-up business stories. Amy Harding is a hairstylist who has found an unusual angle for her craft, and one which let her combine two of her great passions. Sarah Cooke is a mum who started an online store as a way to improve her income and create a new life. We hear their stories, where they are now and what they’ve learned so far in their journey. Also in the studio are host Sian Murphy and Co-Host Laura Lawrence and there are more episodes available at

Instagram For Business

By WIB Radio Team | 16/01/2020

About The Show Live in the studio today are three very different, dynamic businesswomen who are using Instagram to grow their businesses. Rebecca Middleton is an interior designer from Rebecca Middleton Refined luxe, Louise Cartright the Money Mindset and Certified High-Performance Coach and Rebecca Smith, CEO of GOLDIE media, Editor GOLDIE magazine and Author of How to be a Happy Dresser. Listen in to hear how three very different businesses use Instagram and their top tips on getting started, connecting and using Instagram.

How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

By WIB Radio Team | 12/12/2019

About The Show How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Business? Tune to hear a lively discussion between women in business from the US and UK talking through how do you know when it’s time to leap from your job. Plus, what’s the difference between an Accountability Partner, a Mentor and a Business Coach and how do you decide who you need? What happens when your family and friends don’t offer you the support you expected. It’s a busy show and we cover these and other issues with business leader Toaccara Steele, Grace Kelly, Chair of Women In Business for North Kent, co-host Laura Lawrence and the host Sian Murphy

Networking Do’s and Don’ts

By WIB Radio Team | 15/11/2019

About The Show Are you thinking of going networking to help grow your business, but you don’t know where to start, don’t know what to do when you get there and are just dreading it? This is the show for you! Today we were joined in the studio by Grace Kelly, Chair of the Women In Business Networking group and founder of 21st Century Flooring. Alongside her are 3 members of the group the Glass Artist, Beverley Bunn; Transformational Life Coach Mel Smith and Naaila Clements who is a Health and Wellbeing Consultant. During the show we explore… * How to decide which networking group is right for you * What preparation you might need * What to do on your first visit and how to actually walk into the room on your own * Ideas for boosting your confidence Listen in with host Sian Murphy and Co-host Laura Lawrence for more business ideas and of course to hear how everyone gets the collywobbles from time to time! If you’re wondering what that sign that Sian is holding up is all about – it’s her asking for a coat as the studio was so cold!    

Imposter Syndrome Feature Image

Have You Got Imposter Syndrome? And How To Tackle It If You Do…

By WIB Radio Team | 25/10/2019

About The Show There are some definite and potentially serious impacts on your business and career if you have Imposter Syndrome. If you feel as though your forward momentum isn’t what you want, need or deserve, then the solution could rest in this show. So, pop in your headphones, maybe grab a coffee and join in. Today we’re joined in the studio by Clare Josa, author of Ditching Imposter Syndrome, and Tania Gough, founder of the Beauty Academy South East.  Together we explore how to identify Imposter Syndrome, how to tell if it’s Imposter Syndrome or Self Doubt. There are some definite and potentially serious impacts on your business and career if you have Imposter Syndrome. If you feel as though your forward momentum isn’t what you want, need or deserve, then the solution could rest in this show. So, pop in your headphones, maybe grab a coffee and join in.

Are You Making This Costly Mistake Taking On Freelancers? And, Do This BEFORE Go Into Partnership!

By WIB Radio Team | 23/10/2019

About The Show Does the thought of contracts leave you in a heap on the floor?  Then this show is for you! It’s also for you if you’re thinking of using a freelancer to avoid the problems of taking on a new member of staff.  If you’re aiming to avoid expenses like sick pay, maternity pay, holiday pay, contracts, disciplinarians and all that hassle, then you really need to make sure your freelancers are actually self-employed.  Lots of business owners have been caught out!  Listen in to find out how you can avoid being one of them. Plus, the pitfalls of going into a partnership with others and how to avoid the problems of GDPR wherever you are in the world. We are joined in the studio by Annabel Kaye, international keynote speaker and founder of KoffeeKlatch (she likes to test people with their spellings and I hope we’ve passed the test here) and she gives out the sort of no-nonsense advice about the legalities of being in business, and of just being in business that we all need to hear every now and then.  This is also the show where Brexit was renamed as Breakfast – a much better option don’t you think?

Turning Your Passion Into A Business

Turning Your Creative Passion Into A Business

By WIB Radio Team | 05/09/2019

About The Show Tune in to this 50-minute show where we hear from the MD of Etsy UK, Annette Picardo, Author and Coach Dolores Andrew-Gavin, who helps businesswomen find their voice, and Rebecca Smith, Deputy CEO of Social Enterprise Kent, who helps CIC’s and Charities to grow. Along the way, we find out about the secret sauce behind Etsy that all creative entrepreneurs can and should be tapping into to help their business succeed. Are you living your own life and you want to?  It’s sometimes not that easy to tell when we get caught up in everyday activities and emotions. Dolores shares the symptoms to look out for as clues to when we are not being true to ourselves. Rebecca, who works with people who are often already working within their passion, but who still need that extra little something to make it work. Of course, we have the usual lively mix of technical hitches, phone traumas and the general disorganisation that makes the studio bosses shake their heads in despair.  Well, I always did say they should never have let us loose in there with all those screens and knobs.

Are You Living Or Existing and Getting The Right Your Business Numbers

By WIB Radio Team | 03/05/2019

About The Show We’re joined in the Studio by Business Coach Claire Harvey and Life Coach Dione Lockyer on the phone from Spain. Along the way, we find clues to if you’re living your life, or just existing. Do you need to make a radical and change and how do you do that? Plus, what about those business numbers? What should you be monitoring and what’s not worth bothering with? If you don’t like looking at your numbers is there an underlying fear? Life coaching, business coaching and more so grab a coffee and a sticky bun and sit down and listen to a bit of light-hearted business talk.

Do You Need A Coach and Top 10 Must Do’s for Start Ups

By WIB Radio Team | 29/04/2019

About The Show In this episode, we’re joined by the powerhouse Toccara Steele with a frank discussion about whether you need a coach for your life or your business. In the second half of the show Hetty Rackham, who has made her mark as a social media consultant who supports agencies with their large clients, talks about her startup journey and shares the Top 10 steps from her new programme for emerging female entrepreneurs. Tune in for the usual laughs, ideas and inspiration with Sian, Laura and guests.

The Natwest Everywoman Business Award Winners Share Their Stories

By WIB Radio Team | 23/04/2019

About The Show Thanks to the winners of the Natwest Everywoman Business Awards 2018 for their insights in this packed show. Tune in as Chloe Franses, Roni Savage and Keely Deininger share stories of their business journey, what they found out along the way and what they wish they had known when they first started out. Plus, book recommendations and inspirational ideas.