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To share the information women in business need to grow.

Provide an affordable, friendly and fun broadcasting platform where women can get media experience and talk about their business based on their knowledge, experience and passion and not what they have already achieved, where they've been published, how much they've made or can afford to pay.

Connect women in business across the globe so they can share knowledge and support each other from within their respective economies, lifestyles and experience.

One of our listeners described it much better than we could by saying "Listeners want real conversations with actionable ideas to help them live healthy and well balanced lives and build their business".

What's In Each Show?

When you listen in, you get the unedited show because it's always live. We broadcast live from Channel Radio Ashford Studios and the recorded show is distributed as a podcast and is available on all major podcast platforms including Audible, Apple and Google Podcasts and Spotify.

Each episode features amazing women in business and we hear their story, how they got to where they are now and their top tips for being in business. Plus, favourite books, business tools and ideas.

There are two shows each week with Show 1 focusing on starting and growing your business.  Show 2 is all about being 'fit for business' looking good and feeling great are what matters.

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