Bounce Back From Burnout

Bounce Back From Burnout with Michala Leyland

By WIB Radio Team | 04/04/2019

About The Show Tune in to hear Sian and Laura find out how the author and coach Michala Leyland did Bounce Back From Burnout. As she shares her story we also see how to tell burnout from overwhelm; how it can be a blessing in disguise and of course those tactics for bouncing back! Michala Leyland – Founder of Wood For The Trees Coaching and The Energy Management Movement

Amber Leach Feature Image

How To Grow Your Photography Business With Amber Leach

By WIB Radio Team | 13/03/2019

About The Show Our studio guest for this episode is Amber Leach, founder of Liberty Pearl Photo and Film Collective. Listen in to find out how Amber grew her business from a standing start, with only enough money in the bank to last 6 weeks and as a single mum. Despite no marketing budget, very little time, she launched and made it happen. Today she has an award-winning 6 figure business with a team of 11! Along the way, we hear how she used her experiences to launch her second business as a coach and mentor and her top tips for starting and growing a business.

nto Your Flow with Angela Gower Johnson

How To Get Unstuck and Into Your Flow

By WIB Radio Team | 08/02/2019

About The Show We’re joined in the studio by Angela Gower-Johnson, Business Spiritual Advisor and founder of the Ultimate Dream Project. We explore how to get unstuck and find a new direction for your life and your business. Also in the studio are host Sian Murphy, Co-Host Laura Lawrence and Kelly Culver, live on Twitter.  

Debs Smith and Art Journaling for Depression

How Art Journaling Can Help Depression

By WIB Radio Team | 18/01/2019

About The Show Find out how Debs Smith not only helped her depression with Art Journaling, but went on to create a business she loves. We also hear about some of the key materials you need if you want to get started yourself.

Setting goals and Reinventing yourself for 2019

Goal Centred Laser Focused 2019 with Toccara Steele & Reinventing Yourself Out Of A Rut With Amanda Holiday

By WIB Radio Team | 10/01/2019

    About The Show Starting the year Goal Centred and Laser Focused with some inspiration and motivation with Toccara Steele, CEO of VOS International who is calling in live from the USA. It the studio with Artist, Film Maker and Poet, Amanda Holiday and we hear her story and ideas for recognising if you’re in a rut, getting out of it and reinventing who you are. With host Sian Murphy and Co-Host Laura Lawrence and Kelly Culver tweeting live updates.

Anna Iversen

Anna Iversen

By WIB Radio Team | 07/09/2018

Our VIP Guest Join fjor and implement a preventative strategy to live well and feel well  For many years, there has been a lot of focus on genetics. We have grown to accept that we all have some “bad genes” which we have no influence over. In actual fact it is rarely our bad genes that give rise to health issues. Rather, it is how our genes express themselves that matters. This is determined by our environment, diet and and other lifestyle factors. This is where we can make a real difference to our lives. One step at a time we can switch on the “good’ gene expression and get rid of the negative environmental and lifestyle habits that give rise to “bad” gene expression. Once you have got your head around the basic concept, you will feel empowered – the state of your health is in your hands! The key is to implement a number of protective strategies, personalised to your own unique requirements, ranging from physical movement, nutritional plans, lifestyle coaching, including stress management and sleep optimisation, but also taking a critical look at your home and work environment, whilst throwing in the latest technologies to the mix to ensure that you truly become your optimal self.  This highly effective programme, targeting your cellular powerhouses, will leave you feeling healthier, happier and more energised. My Story, Anna Iversen, Founder, fjor When both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer, within weeks of each other, I was scared. I felt that potentially everyone around me was falling victim to this awful disease, including myself. I viewed cancer as something external, that is thrust upon us, if we were unlucky.  During the very emotional year I spend looking after my parents I was too scared to do any research – the thought of googling the word “cancer” was just too daunting. I felt like everyone around me would succumb to this terrible disease. By sheer stroke of luck, in the week before my mother’s passing (she was the last to go), I stumbled over a book fittingly called “Tripping over the Truth” by Travis Christofferson, an American science writer. I cannot recall how I came across the book, or why I dared open it, as I had been actively avoiding all literature about cancer and disease in general. Everything changed once I started reading the book. I was no longer scared of cancer or any other degenerative condition for that matter. I understood that we are in control of our health – it was truly empowering. This led me on a journey devouring every conceivable book and research paper on modern degenerative conditions. It resulted in me packing in my 20+ years as a lawyer in the City of London and setting up fjor, a preventative healthcare and health optimisation business. What I came to realise is that chronic conditions, ranging from diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, arthritis, depression, attention deficit disorder, cognitive decline, hormonal imbalances, migraines, allergies, asthma and skin condition like acne, eczema and psoriasis, to the worst of them all, cancer – all have similar causes. It is our modern diet, lifestyle and environment the causes these diseases and we can therefore prevent them from occurring by making the right lifestyle choices.  I created fjor to show people how this can be achieved. I feel a strong urge to spread the word as widely as possible! I want us all to understand that we are in control of our health and wellbeing. It could have such a profound effect on how the world develops. We need to address the current negative outlook painted of Western society and reduce the potentially crippling healthcare burden.  At fjor we build bridges with a variety of clinicians, researchers and innovators who all share this objective. For our clients, we combine the most cutting edge science, novel technologies and top of the range services tailoring solutions that work for the individuals we are facing. We understand that people live busy and pressurised lives and our support needs to alleviate these pressures, not add to them.  I’d like you to join me on this journey – it is fjor your health. 

Anna Iversens and Fjor

Tech Start Up Story With Special Guest Anna Iversen

By WIB Radio Team | 07/09/2018

About The Show Listen in to hear the ups and downs of bringing a technical product to market with our special guest in the studio today, Anna Iversen, Founder of Fjor. We also hear Anna’s personal story, how that led to her business and about her programme targeting the bodies cellular powerhouse to leave you feeling healthier, happier and more energised.” Also in the studio, is Sabrina Palme, Founder of Palme, founder of Gartenzwerg Technologies and the Indoor Garden. Plus the usual tips, ideas and banter with Sian Murphy and co-host Laura Lawrence. Read More About Anna Iversen

Feature image for Women In Tech Show

Women Starting Up In The Tech Industry

By WIB Radio Team | 24/08/2018

About The Show Tune in to hear the experiences of our guest Lucy Hall and Efu Akumanyi leaving their corporate jobs and setting up their own tech businesses. We find out what they wished they had known before they started out, their top tips for being in business and how it’s working out for them after jumping from their jobs. Plus, we hear from Lucy about the future of our business social media as AI (Artificial Intelligence) becomes a reality, and how we can embrace it as we promote our businesses.  

Leaving Your Corporate Job To Start A Business

Leaving Your Corporate Job To Start A Business

By WIB Radio Team | 16/08/2018

About The Show Do you dream about leaving the corporate job world to start your own business?  Well, today’s guests did just that.  Not only that but our host, Sian Murphy and Co-host, Laura Lawrence also took that leap of faith. Beth Lothian left her HR Directorship to start her own accessories brand, The Lion Sparkles and Harjit Sohetey-Khan gave up her job in the corporate finance world to launch her ethical fashion brand Jewelled Buddha. Tune in to hear their stories, what worked, what didn’t, business tips and a book recommendation.  Plus the usual fun, laughs and, what women in business radio show would be without a baby burping in the background?  Today’s show had it all! Also in the studio were presenters, Host – Sian Murphy, Co-Host – Laura Lawrence and Kelly Culver managing our live Twitter Feed.

Breaking Into The Fashion Industry

Breaking Into The Fashion Industry

By WIB Radio Team | 03/08/2018

About The Show In today’s show, we hear from Jacynth Basset of and Hazel Edwards, Milliner and founder of HoneyV creating bespoke hair accessories for brides. We hear how they broke into the fashion industry, some of the problems they experienced and their tips and ideas for succeeding in business, and in the fashion world. Jacynth also told us about her troubles with trolling on social media and we all discussed some excellent ideas for dealing with this really annoying, and sometimes upsetting aspect of marketing. Hazel shared how she broke into the prestigious Ascot hat market – not an easy thing to do by anyone’s reckoning! Also in the studio was host Sian Murphy and co-host Laura Lawrence and we had Kelly Culver managing Twitter!  

Global Women in Business

Launch show – Women In Business Goes Global!

By WIB Radio Team | 27/07/2018

About The Show This live show launches Phase 1 of our new global initiative to bring you women in business news from around the world and in this show we introduce our new co-presenters for Africa and the USA. In the studio, we had our new co-host, Film-maker, journalist and publisher Neema Kambona, founder of the Diversity Business Magazine.  Neema introduced the lovely Gladness Ojo, a Female Entrepreneur who is based in the UK and operates in Tanzania as well.  Gladness also manages The Tanzania Business Club and The African World Business Associates – as well as raising her 3 children.  Busy woman. On the phone from the USA, we were joined by our other new regular co-presenter and leadership expert Toccara Steele who spoke about The Single Woman Leader and prompted a discussion on being a single woman in business vs considering your partner before you hop on that plane to Las Vegas for a 2-week conference! It was great to get different perspectives for being a woman in business in other parts of the world and we are really looking forward to taking this to the next level with ideas on how we can grow our businesses with intercontinental collaboration. We also have our monthly Spiritual Business Insights from Clairvoyant-Medium Tracy Fance. Tracy specialises in helping businesses and this month she shares what the business community should perhaps be focusing on in August as we move into the second half of the year. Also in the studio were presenters, Host – Sian Murphy, Co-Host – Laura Lawrence and Kelly Culver managing our live Twitter Feed.

Carrie Stay and Tracy Greeney

How To Start A Business Selling Things You Make

By WIB Radio Team | 20/07/2018

About The Show Do you have a hobby, something you love doing?  Do you craft gifts people ask for, or perhaps you went to art school, or just love drawing and are wondering if the next step could be starting a business. That’s exactly what our guests Carrie Stay and Tracy Greeney did.  Listen to Carrie’s story about how she started out selling her art at a market stall, went on to found a design agency and how she is now introducing a new income stream as she publishes her Rock Star Branding Workbook. Carrie also shares some invaluable branding guidelines if you’re in the process of sorting out your own branding.  And who isn’t?  Even if you’re not planning on being NIKE, you have your own brand, even if you haven’t intentionally created it, it’s still there and people make judgements based on it. Tracy Greeney founded Tracy’s Dreamcatchers after spotting that a series of seemingly unrelated events where she ended up creating dreamcatchers could actually be developed into a business.  But she didn’t just dive in, she had other ideas before.  We find out why this is the one that’s working and how her business has more depth than we may first appreciate. Together Tracy and Carrie share their start up stories, their tips, what worked, what didn’t work, ideas for using social media and lots more. We are also joined in the studio by Laura Lawrence, business woman and co-host and we have Kelly Culver, our own social media guru managing Twitter for us. What could possibly go wrong?  Quite a lot as it happens.  See if you can spot the hosts microphone being dropped just as we go live!

Joyce and Mum bakes Cakes Show Feature Image

Turning Your Idea Into Your Business With Joyce Ohaja

By WIB Radio Team | 20/07/2018

About The Show As well as the usual crew we were joined by two brilliant businesswomen In the studio. TV presenter Joyce Ohaja turned her experience and skills as an interviewer and producer into a business creating video to help other businesses showcase their products and services. Paula Wilkinson launched her business Mum Bakes Cakes following her experience of trying to buy a special gift during a heartbreaking family event. Hear how she found the guts to go against the usual advice given by the marketing experts, and got it right! Tune in to hear their business stories, what worked, what didn’t work and their tips for creating a great business.

Karen Green

Starting And Growing Your Food Business With Karen Green

By WIB Radio Team | 28/06/2018

About The Show This show is for you if you have an idea or a recipe and are wondering if it could be the makings of a food business. Our VIP Guest is Karen Green, Business Mentor, Speaker, Lecturer and author of the best selling book “Recipe for success – the ingredients of a profitable food business”. Karen has worked with some of the biggest players in the retail and food industry and now brings this expertise to small businesses. We hear her story about starting out as a mentor, her experiences and advice about writing a book for your business as well as an insight into the experiences of some of the clients she has worked with. Also in the studio is Freda Francis who runs an event and cake company alongside her husband. Freda did that thing that so many new businesses long to do but find so tricky which is to stop giving away products and services to your family and friends for free. Tune in for ideas, information and business tips from women in business. Connect With Karen Green

Lesley Reid

The Business Of Vegan with Lesley Reid Founder of the Willow & Plum Soap Company

By WIB Radio Team | 27/06/2018

About The Show How often do we talk about turning our passion into a business?  When we ask our guests what the most important thing about starting a business is, working with your passion turns up time after time. That’s exactly what our VIP guest on the show today did. She turned her passion for the Vegan lifestyle and her quest to find soaps and beauty products to support that into her business.  It wasn’t all plain sailing.  It involved making a big mess in the kitchen before it got to the business stage.  But she did it and we are going to hear firsthand from her what worked, what didn’t and how it felt to get going with a start-up budget of £7!! Also in the studio taking part in the discussion is Dominica Roszko who decided her high-stress business wasn’t for her and set up her vegan food business, and we will hear her life-changing story. Lesley Reid

Lesley Reid

By WIB Radio Team | 18/06/2018

Listen To Lesley’s Show Our VIP Guest Glasgow born and bred, I now live in the Fife countryside, after leaving a 15 year career, flying as cabin crew with British Airways. I was a single mum after splitting with my long term partner, when our daughter was only 18 months old. This was a hard time, especially since I had to declare us homeless. Luck was to change however, and I soon met my Husband Alan, a police officer from Fife. I started this business while on mat leave with our youngest daughter, with no savings and very little idea of how to start or run a business, but sheer determination got me over some hurdles, start up funding soon came from Business Gateway and I have never looked back. Be true to yourself! Helpful family and friends often have great ideas for new products, promotions or changes that can be made. I love advice of any kind and I always take their thoughts on board, however I cant launch a product or do something in the business if its not from the heart. Repeating this quote has often saved me from going down a path I didn’t feel was right. For example, I made bath bombs for a while and I intensely disliked the whole process, it was quickly canned! Willow & Plum Soap Co makes natural cold process soap from our Fife workshop. Everything from the recipes to hand cutting is done by myself or when I admit I need help, my husband gets roped in to work! Vegan and sutable for extra sensitive skin, always.   You can also contact Lesley on telephone number 07488584950  

Courtney Wylie

How To Grow Your Business With Referrals featuring Courtney Wylie and Mention Me

By WIB Radio Team | 15/06/2018

About The Show Today we welcomed two fabulous business women into the studio for the live show.  Our VIP Guest was Courtney Wylie, VP of Mention-Me, the online platform helping major retail brands to sell more product by using the power of referrals. Courtney has some great tips about how you can grow your business using referrals; at what point in your business development you should be thinking about referrals and some of the things you need to consider.  It’s a great way to grow your business but as is so often the case, there’s a right way, there’s a wrong way and there’s a way that just takes longer and costs more than it needs to. We also signpost you to some of the great resources on offer from Mention-Me to help you, whatever size your business is. Our other guest is brand new startup Jade Sekum, founder of the Growth Company who shares her experiences about what’s working, what didn’t work and what she’s learnt so far, just 2 months in. Also in the studio with host Sian Murphy are Laura Lawrence co-host and Kelly Culver is on Twitter! Courtney Taylor

Courtney Wylie

Courtney Wylie

By WIB Radio Team | 11/06/2018

Our VIP Guest I’m a Canadian by birth, but have been living in the UK for the past 20 years. With 3 children under 10 and triathlon as a hobby I find myself busy all the time (but what mother doesn’t say that?). I live on the outskirts of London, in Twickenham, love reading (which I have no time for!), interior design, fashion and travelling. I keep busy with biking, running and swimming plus hanging out with the local mum mafia 🙂 Professionally, I have over 15 years experience working for online businesses across marketing, product marketing and product development. My experience is international and spans both B2C and B2B. I’ve worked primarily in start-ups helping them scale. I thrive on creative work and collaboration – I love building out strategies on a strong basis of data. I’m open and engaging – happy to work at any level – I love coaching and nurturing my teams to drive them to their own next level of achievement. Mention Me’s aim is to help businesses do better marketing building on the trust they have with their customers. We’ve started with Referral Marketing because it builds on the trust that already exists between two friends and the new customers it drives have better brand loyalty and a higher lifetime value. Rewarding those who recommend helps engage them too. Our software was created to help businesses turn on a quality referral programme with a simple, relatively non technical integration. Then they use our web dashboard to manage their programme; checking results and testing optimisations and improvements. Our mission is to bring referral and trust marketing to the world, back up by excellent technology and friendly, supportive experts. It is of paramount importance to us that we do a great job for our clients. In 2017 Mention Me won: – Drapers Digitals Best Tech Start Up – Direct Commerce Most Innovative – Retail Insider’s Best Newcomer Award. We were also shortlisted for a variety of other awards like: – Festival of Marketing – Campaign Magazine New Thinking Awards – Retail Week Awards – Women in Sales – The Drum Awards  

How To Wow Your Customer The Taylor’d Bundles Way!

By WIB Radio Team | 26/05/2018

About The Show How many times have you heard that the best thing to do in business is what you’re passionate about? If you’re anything like us, quite a lot I should think. However, this advice isn’t just because if your’e passionate about something you’re going to enjoy it more, it’s really about how that passion means you’re going to create a better business. When you’re passionate there isn’t compromise; you don’t let standards slip so you can get something done quicker, or for more profit. Passion creates a business you care about and that shows through into what you deliver. That’s what really shines through as you listen to Caz Taylor talking about her journey to launch and grow her business Taylor’d Bundles which delivers special gifts to people at key events of their life. Sometimes these events are happy, such as the birth of a new baby, and sometimes, when things don’t go as expected, they are not happy events, It can be difficult for friends, relatives and colleagues to say the right thing and then they turn to Caz and her team. We hear Caz talking about how she delivers that customer experience, how she met the challenges of business and her top business tip. We were also joined by Jo Martel who has her own customer service challenge running art workshops for children and adults and who takes her role of helping her clients find their creative side and take their life to a new depth very seriously. Also in the studio was our lovely co-host Laura Lawrence, Jo Wooltorton on the camera as the token man and Kelly Culver tweeting like crazy. Fab show and thanks everyone. Caz Taylor

Look Good Feel Good

Feeling Worn Out? How To Get Business Fit

By WIB Radio Team | 19/05/2018

5th July 2018 Key Topic Fitting in fitness around a busy business schedule or a growing family and other commitments can be tricky. But it can be done. We welcome Claire and Robyn, founders of the Fitness Academy into the studio. They specialise in helping women find their fitness. Not for weight loss or any kind of punishment for overeating, slimming for holidays but to find something fun that helps them live healthier. They also work a lot Pre & Post Natal women – so if that’s you then tune in.