Tackle Depression Through Dance

Facebook Twitter Twitter Linkedin Digg Reddit Stumbleupon Sarah comes from the angle that everyone can dance – no matter what their circumstances – and they can.  Even if all you can do is tap your toe, you’re dancing. And when you hear about how dancing can build resilience in all areas of your life, this…

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YES! You Can Start, Run and Grow Your Business And Tackle Depression

Yes! You Can Start, run and grow your business with depression

Thanks so much to Sally Gridley, an early years education specialist who runs a successful business supporting learning providers, and who shared her story starting and growing her business whilst dealing with depression. Along the way, we get inspiration, ideas and techniques for running a business and dealing with depression and find out how the…

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How To Beat Addiction Whilst You’re Running Your Business


Dealing with addiction, either yours or someone close to you, is never going to be easy. It’s particularly difficult when you are trying to juggle running a business whilst tackling an addiction. What is particularly special is how Chris acknowledges the different types of addiction from alcohol, drugs through to food and sugar.  All can…

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How To Mix Your Artistic Business With Depression

I think the title rather sets up the main thrust of the programme – and I am so grateful to Clara for how open and honest she is about her story tackling depression. What she didn’t say during the show was how she really wanted to help other people to deal with depression. We also…

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Getting Out Of Fear With Angela Gower-Johnson

I just loved interviewing this lady, and we also chatted after the show closed, and I can tell you she is one seriously intuitive bunny. She had me totally nailed down (and it’s not often that happens) and chances are I’m going to get her in to be my business coach. And that’s NEVER happened!…

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