Tackle Depression Through Dance

Sarah comes from the angle that everyone can dance - no matter what their circumstances - and they can.  Even if all you can do is tap your toe, you're dancing.

And when you hear about how dancing can build resilience in all areas of your life, this is so so important.

What a lively episode! For starters, we had not one but two young female entrepreneurs in the studio. One of them was our very own Kelly Culver, Content And Production Manager for the show and a Social Media Guru in her own agency.

Also in the studio, we had Sarah Turner, a dance artist who uses her dance artistry alongside teaching and motivation skills to help people with addiction, depression and mental health issues to improve their lives.

Listen in to hear how you can motivate yourself and feel better all round using the magic of dance, as well as ideas and stories about being a young woman in business.

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