Access Your Alpha State For Productivity, Clarity and Happiness – With Angela Gower-Johnson

On today’s show, we had Angela Gower-Johnson, Business Energy Strategist from Ultimate Dream Project, and boy was it a whale of a show!

At the start, we were discussing some marketing campaign ideas for February (February is rife with holidays!) and about organisation. Did you know that if we spend 10 minutes each day looking for something, we spend 60 hours per YEAR looking for things?

For the rest of the show, we were chatting with Angela about Alpha and Beta brain states and how you can get yourself into the right state for optimum performance.

This isn’t magic “woo woo” stuff, it’s been backed by science! Listen to the show now to learn how you can become the best you for your business.

If you think you should be meditating, but can't seem to make that happen, this show is for you!

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