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How to Find Your Purpose with Maureen Dickie

How To Find Your Purpose with Maureen Dickie

On today’s show, we were joined by the lovely Maureen Dickie, giving us some tips and stories on self-awareness and how to understand yourself for better business success. Maureen is a specialist coach who helps people to find their purpose and peace. She has taken her expertise onto the prestigious TED talks stage and also…

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How To Write A Case Study With Case Study Ninja

How To Write A Case Study To Grow Your Business

Case studies are a fantastic sales tool, especially if you do something people have trouble understanding. Today we were joined by Sarah Dillingham from Case Study Ninja giving valuable insights to how to build and use case studies in your business.We started the show off with Kelly Culver, giving us some helpful tips and tools…

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Tackling The Menopause And Business

It can be tricky being a woman in business, but when you’re dealing with some of the symptoms of the menopause, that can ramp right up. Kathryn helps women in business through the symptoms of the menopause from all different angles. Maybe you run a business and one of your employees is going through menopause,…

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The Start Up Tips Show

Start Up Tips For Women In Business

On the first show of 2017, we are joined by marketing expert Tabitha Beasley and young entrepreneur Kelly Culver. Tabitha is a PR and marketing assistant for who won awards less than a year, after starting her business back in March 2015. Kelly shares some inspirational Start Up quotes provided by listeners and insights to…

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How To Price Your Products And Services


In this episode, we are joined by Sarah Brown, a business advisor and pricing expert from Inspire2Aspire, who have worked with major corporates like BT, entrepreneurs and the public sector. We cover how pricing is a combination of mindset, business, maths and business acumen. Also in the studio is Dani Needham, a Personal Trainer, Gym…

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Keeping Fit As A Woman In Business

Today we welcomed Dani Needham into the studio to cover some of those questions we may have as women in business… Is there a difference between men and women when it comes to keeping fit? Is there a difference between keeping fit and being healthy? How can you keep healthy as a ‘deskbound’ woman in…

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The Statistics Of Women in Business


We welcome Image Stylist Deborah Turner, the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) Women’s representative, and we get the lowdown on some interesting statistics about being a woman in business. Of course, stats don’t have to come true, but it’s so interesting to get a heads up on some common issues being faced by women in…

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