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Stronger Wings For Stronger Women

Listen in to find out how Gemma Sharpe shifted from her corporate career in HR, battled breast cancer and turned what she learned about building her own confidence into a business programme helping other women to do the same. Gemma started her business Lordene Learning to help women and developed her own 5 Pillars of…

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Growth Hacking For Real Businesses

Growth Hacking The women In Business Radio Show website

Listen in to the discussion on the why, what and how of growth hacking. Plus, if you though affiliate marketing didn’t apply to ‘real’ businesses – then listen in because you may change your mind. On Today’s show, we were joined by growth hacking expert Kimberly Hash de Vries talking Affiliate Marketing and Growth Hacking…

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Art Business, Awards and Winning Sponsors

Art Business, Awards and Sponsorship

We loved having these experts in the business of arts live in the studio. Nathalie Banaigs is an established artist who also runs Kent Creative Arts, an organisation dedicated to supporting artists in making a living from the art. Genevieve Tollberg is the Gallery and Arts Engagement Manager for Nucleus Arts, who have galleries, cafes…

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YES! You Can Start, Run and Grow Your Business And Tackle Depression

Yes! You Can Start, run and grow your business with depression

Thanks so much to Sally Gridley, an early years education specialist who runs a successful business supporting learning providers, and who shared her story starting and growing her business whilst dealing with depression. Along the way, we get inspiration, ideas and techniques for running a business and dealing with depression and find out how the…

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Fundraising For Charities, Social Enterprises and Not For Profits

Charity Fundraising With Bernie Morgan

Do you need new ideas to fund raise for your non-profit or charity?  The this is the show for you… Today we had fundraising expert Bernie Morgan live in the studio and sharing techniques, ideas and pitfalls when raising the much-needed cash for a charity or social enterprise. Bernie also brings a wealth of experience…

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Addiction & Business with Chris Hill, Social Media Advice, Book & Tool Of the Week

Time Management - Is It All In Your Head

Are people always going on at you for working all the time? If so then today’s show could be a bit of an eye opener. We were joined in the studio by Chris Hill (@catchmefreeme) talking about addiction and how to recognise it. We then caught up with our book of the week recommended by…

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How to Find Your Purpose with Maureen Dickie

How To Find Your Purpose with Maureen Dickie

On today’s show, we were joined by the lovely Maureen Dickie, giving us some tips and stories on self-awareness and how to understand yourself for better business success. Maureen is a specialist coach who helps people to find their purpose and peace. She has taken her expertise onto the prestigious TED talks stage and also…

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