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Get Paid More For What You Do – Suzy Miller

About The Show Thanks to Suzy Miller for helping us to create such a varied show with a range of actionable ideas for you to get paid more for doing what you do.  This is closely aligned with getting more money generally in situations such as divorce which is Suzy’s specialist area. Listen in to…

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Create Video With Your Phone – Folake Bee

About The Show On the show today our live studio guest was Folake Bee from Beeline Films.  Folake has built an amazing business specialising in creating videos for business owners.  Along the way, she has also worked with celebrity clients who want to develop their personal brands. In the show, we find out how to…

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How Alison Cork Grew Her World of Interior Design

alison cork

About The Show Our studio guests today were the entrepreneur and TV presenter, Alison Cork and her publicity specialist, Donna Lambert. Having built her interior design and lifestyle empire, and being the first women to float her company on the UK stock exchange and sit as a board member, Alison has recently founded the not-for-profit…

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Top Business Blunders With Shawn McBride TEDx Women Speaker

op Business Blunders with Shawn McBride

About The Show Judging by the response we’ve had since this show aired, we managed to pack a load of useful information into this show and that’s all thanks to Shawn McBride, TEDx Women speaker, author, Attorney at Law and top Business Consultant. We start by exploring why women can make good business partners, then…

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Is Anxiety Stifling Your Business?

Is Anxiety Stifling Your Business_

Today we were joined by co-founder of Avviso Media – Lucy Hall – and we were chatting about social media and anxiety in business. We also had Lucy’s daughter Lily in the studio – just in case you’re wondering what the gurgling and giggling noises are! Anxiety is something that affects many of us even…

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Is Imposter Syndrome Screwing Your Business?

Well, I think we covered nearly all of it in today’s show with Grace Graham.  Grace is a certified business coach (and there aren’t many of those around) who works with women and specialises in helping people identify and tackle imposter syndrome. If you’re wondering what that is, well it turns out that nearly all…

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