Working With Cancer for Employers, Employees and Entrepreneurs

About The Show

Are you dealing with Cancer? Perhaps you care for a cancer patient, manage staff or are still running your business after a diagnosis of cancer?

There are so many highs and lows that come into play as well as legal rights and obligations. Not to mention the psychological and physical effects of being told you have cancer and dealing with the treatment.

What are the practicalities of dealing with Chemo-Brain?
What should you tell work colleagues or clients?
If you're an employer, how can you manage changing performance in your staff?

We packed so much into this show and all practical advice grounded in reality because founder Barbara Wilson is herself a Breast Cancer survivor and her business grew out of the realisation there was almost nothing out there to help those returning to work, running their business or dealing with staff tackling the issue of cancer.

Listen in and connect with Barbara and her organisation for support, training and resources. If you are an individual with a low income, Barbara's Social Enterprise company is set up to offer you free or affordable support with the cancer, work, business balancing act.

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