The Business Of Vegan with Lesley Reid Founder of the Willow & Plum Soap Company

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How often do we talk about turning our passion into a business?  When we ask our guests what the most important thing about starting a business is, working with your passion turns up time after time. That’s exactly what our VIP guest on the show today did. 

She turned her passion for the Vegan lifestyle and her quest to find soaps and beauty products to support that into her business.  It wasn’t all plain sailing.  It involved making a big mess in the kitchen before it got to the business stage.  But she did it and we are going to hear firsthand from her what worked, what didn’t and how it felt to get going with a start-up budget of £7!!

Also in the studio taking part in the discussion is Dominica Roszko who decided her high-stress business wasn’t for her and set up her vegan food business, and we will hear her life-changing story.

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  1. Diane tomison on 01/07/2018 at 7:59 pm

    I have bought this soap and don’t have anything negative to say, smells delicious foams great and lasts a lifetime , had chicken pox and used her oatmeal soap to sooth my scalp and itchy skin worked a treat. Defoe buy more.

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