How To Grow Your Business With Referrals featuring Courtney Wylie and Mention Me

About The Show

Today we welcomed two fabulous business women into the studio for the live show.  Our VIP Guest was Courtney Wylie, VP of Mention-Me, the online platform helping major retail brands to sell more product by using the power of referrals.

Courtney has some great tips about how you can grow your business using referrals; at what point in your business development you should be thinking about referrals and some of the things you need to consider.  It’s a great way to grow your business but as is so often the case, there’s a right way, there’s a wrong way and there’s a way that just takes longer and costs more than it needs to.

We also signpost you to some of the great resources on offer from Mention-Me to help you, whatever size your business is.

Our other guest is brand new startup Jade Sekum, founder of the Growth Company who shares her experiences about what’s working, what didn’t work and what she’s learnt so far, just 2 months in.

Also in the studio with host Sian Murphy are Laura Lawrence co-host and Kelly Culver is on Twitter!

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