20 Ways To Say Thanks To Your Clients on Clients Day 19th March

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Today a rather lovely thing happened. The Co-op shop in our village knocked on my door with a family size cream cake and a money off voucher. It wasn't a fantastically expensive cake you understand. Neither was it beautifully wrapped. In fact, it was in a rather crumpled carrier bag because the lady had been [...]

How To Price Your Products And Services

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In this episode, we are joined by Sarah Brown, a business advisor and pricing expert from Inspire2Aspire, who have worked with major corporates like BT, entrepreneurs and the public sector. We cover how pricing is a combination of mindset, business, maths and business acumen. Also in the studio is Dani Needham, a Personal Trainer, [...]

The Proven Step By Step Formula For Telephone Sales Success.

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If you need more sales in your business, there is no getting away from the uncomfortable truth that you may need to come out from behind the computer or phone screen and get on that phone! Cold calling, yes, but definitely not as we know it. Amanda Francis and her team at Alchemis have been [...]

Being A Creative and Selling Your Work

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Are you an artist? Sharing your work as a business? This show is all about balancing being a creative with selling and producing. Lots of tips and tricks! Special guests: Trisha Wood works with reflexology but is also a painter. The other special guest is Mary Eddowes who is a Artistic Director at Pestiferous Theatre [...]