20 Ways To Say Thanks To Your Clients on Clients Day 19th March

Client Thank You Day 19th MarchToday a rather lovely thing happened. The Co-op shop in our village knocked on my door with a family size cream cake and a money off voucher. It wasn’t a fantastically expensive cake you understand. Neither was it beautifully wrapped. In fact, it was in a rather crumpled carrier bag because the lady had been carrying lots of them as she went house to house. I said thanks and asked her why she’d delivered it.

Turns out it was a simple thank you and to tell us the store had re-opened after refurbishment.

So far we’ve told about 6 people and now I’ve written about it on a website. Mmmm.

These simple thank you’s really make a difference and so here are 20 ways you can say thank you to your customers as an alternative to delivering confectionary.

20 Ways to Thank Your Loyal Customers [Inforgraphic from Provide Support]

Have you got your own ideas for rewarding your clients?  We’d love to hear them in the comments xx

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