5 Mistakes That Kill Your Case Studies – And What To Do About Them

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Writing case studies takes time and effort. When you get them right, you build your credibility and win more work. When you get them wrong, you waste precious time, and worse of all, you can undermine your brand. Read on to discover the simple mistakes to avoid.   Short term, reactive thinking Short term reactive thinking [...]

How To Write A Case Study With Case Study Ninja

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Case studies are a fantastic sales tool, especially if you do something people have trouble understanding. Today we were joined by Sarah Dillingham from Case Study Ninja giving valuable insights to how to build and use case studies in your business.We started the show off with Kelly Culver, giving us some helpful tips [...]

Find Fabulous, Inspiring and Legal Images

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Listen in to get the legal lowdown on using images and find out how to get free, inspiring and fab quality images to use for your business websites, articles, and social media posts. Images are so important in the business world of today. BUT - the big question is - are you legal? It's so [...]

How To Beat Addiction Whilst You’re Running Your Business

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Dealing with addiction, either yours or someone close to you, is never going to be easy. It's particularly difficult when you are trying to juggle running a business whilst tackling an addiction. What is particularly special is how Chris acknowledges the different types of addiction from alcohol, drugs through to food and sugar.  All [...]

Get Your Own Radio Show With Spreaker

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Spreaker is a cost effective and simple way to create podcasts. And podcasts are a great way to spread the word about what you do. I use Spreaker as a distribution tool for the recordings of the radio show. So they are recorded live in the studio and I then upload the MP3 onto Spreaker. [...]

Publishing To Grow Your Business

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It doesn't matter if you want to start your own magazine as a business - or to bring in publishing as a way to connect and grow your business - tomorrows show is going to be a no brainer! With Datsa Gaile, editor of For Any Woman and co-host Laura Burton-Lawrence, editor of 2 very [...]

Publishing a Magazine

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On this Women In Business Radio Show, we had our great co-host Laura Burton-Lawrence and we had our special guest Emma Dewhurst editor of WOW Magazine! We spoke all about Emma's journey and how her idea of WOW Magazine came about. We also spoke about top tips on publishing. Listen now!

Creating Online Magazines

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Laura Burton-Lawrence and Sian Murphy talk about publishing. Questions include: who should be publishing a book or a magazine, how do you go about it, what are the stages you need to go through. Is this the fastest way ever to propel your business - it could be.