Getting Out Of Fear With Angela Gower-Johnson

Getting Out Of Fear With Angela Gower-Johnson

Angela Gower-JohnsonI just loved interviewing this lady, and we also chatted after the show closed, and I can tell you she is one seriously intuitive bunny. She had me totally nailed down (and it’s not often that happens) and chances are I’m going to get her in to be my business coach. And that’s NEVER happened!

Angela has a complete programme – 9 Simple Steps to Get Out Of Fear, Get Unstuck and Get Results – but this the second time Angela has been a guest and we onGet Out Of Fear, Get Unstuck & Get Resultsly ever manage to cover a few of the steps. This is because each one is fascinating and the information, secrets and techniques Angela is sharing simply can’t be glossed over.

Even if you don’t think you have a problem, even if everything is going swimmingly – for goodness sake tune it because I guarantee you are going to find something fundamental to make a shift to the next level.


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