Maureen Dickie, Finding Your Purpose Coach

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‘I bring clarity to ambitious, sensitive people. They know they have a lot to offer, and want to have an impact. They seek clarity so they can direct their energy on a Vision that is meaningful to them.’

For many years I wondered ‘what am I meant to be doing?’ At work I’d think, ‘I’m meant to be doing something more than this…’ I was waiting for someone else to see my potential and give me some kind of interesting opportunity… I knew I had a lot to offer and a vague idea of what my qualities were, but I couldn’t settle on a direction. I enjoyed parts of what I did, but not all of it. I also knew I wanted to do something bigger, but what?

I enjoyed encouraging other people to progress and develop in the way they wanted to; I couldn’t resist – I felt energised doing it. I loved to facilitate the beauty I could see in others. But then I’d wonder, what about me, what am I supposed to be doing?

This unsettled feeling led me to do all sorts of courses and training – I wanted to understand myself better and ‘figure the problem out’. And I did.

Everything fitted into place and made perfect sense because I hadn’t only spent years wondering about my Purpose, I’d been wondering about other people’s Purpose too.

Telephone: +44 (0)7813 343 969[/fusion_person][fusion_text]

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Maureen Dickie has also achieved being selected and delivering a Ted Talk (no mean feat).  Below you can see her Ted Talk and during her appearance on The Women In Business Radio Show, Maureen also talked about navigating the TED selection process; why you might want to do this for yourself and some tips about applying.

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How To Find Your Purpose with Maureen Dickie

Listen to Maureen on The Women In Business Radio Show here and what we especially loved was how Maureen shared really actionable ideas to take away and get going with straight away.


Maureen is also a writer for The Women In Business Radio Show website and you can read her contributions here 


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