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The Women In business Radio Show recommends Website GraderThe tool of the week this week is Hubspot’s Website Grader.  Now, whilst this is a very simple tool to use because you just type in your URL – that’s the full ‘address’ of your website – so for this website, it’s (yes I know that’s ludicrously long!) and off you go.

The results you get back are not really for the average jo to go and fiddle around with – it’s more for you to get a heads up that things are not very well. It’s information for you to take to your developer or hosting company to get things speeded up.

If you have a WordPress website, the grader will tell you about the security.  Security for a WordPress website is especially important and yet it ‘s the one thing that is often missed out – even by ‘experienced’ developers.

So if you think your website is slow to load, that the SEO is not up to scratch or you’re worried about how secure it is, the Website Grader is going to give you a first indication that you do in fact need to get something done about it.  Your choice then is to go to Hubspot themselves, or approach a friendly website geek – but at least now you’re armed with some information in case the sucking through the teeth starts.

Here is the link to it

Website Grader 



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