Turning Your Creative Passion Into A Business

About The Show

Tune in to this 50-minute show where we hear from the MD of Etsy UK, Annette Picardo, Author and Coach Dolores Andrew-Gavin, who helps businesswomen find their voice, and Rebecca Smith, Deputy CEO of Social Enterprise Kent, who helps CIC's and Charities to grow.

Along the way, we find out about the secret sauce behind Etsy that all creative entrepreneurs can and should be tapping into to help their business succeed.

Are you living your own life and you want to?  It's sometimes not that easy to tell when we get caught up in everyday activities and emotions. Dolores shares the symptoms to look out for as clues to when we are not being true to ourselves.

Rebecca, who works with people who are often already working within their passion, but who still need that extra little something to make it work.

Of course, we have the usual lively mix of technical hitches, phone traumas and the general disorganisation that makes the studio bosses shake their heads in despair.  Well, I always did say they should never have let us loose in there with all those screens and knobs.

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