Turning your Creative Hobby into a Business

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    Anke Herrmann – Passionate Coach. Business and Online Tech Mentor, Podcast Host, Author, Dressmaker and Crazy Dog Lady!

    About This Episode

    Do you have a hobby? Something you just love doing? Something you can 
    imagine yourself doing as a business? Well so many people have this dream 
    but it languishes doing nothing. 
    If that sounds like you, then you need to listen to this episode and connect with our guest, Anke Herrmann.
    Anke did just that, and along the way she learned some great business 
    lessons about business plans, what to do first and how to manage your 
    emotions so they don’t stifle your business. 
    Tune in to hear her story, some great ideas to help you in your own journey of turning your creating passion into your business. 
    Our host is Sian Murphy, Co-Host Laura Lawrence and a regular contributor 
    to the show, Jackie Groundsell. 

    Key Takeaway

    Don’t get bogged down with traditional business plans and the trappings of 
    business, such as websites. They may put you off and it may not be the best 
    Start with the basics of what you want to create; find out who will buy it and if 
    they are prepared to pay enough to make your business viable. 

    Top Tips For Being in Business

    Top tips from our guests live on air...

    "When it feels hard, your skipping steps"

    Anke Herrmann

    "The first step is not your website, the first step is not your business plan, the first step is to make one and sell it"

    Anke Herrmann

    "The biggest challenges you face come from directions you haven't got a clue about"

    Anke Herrmann

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