Top Business Blunders With Shawn McBride TEDx Women Speaker

About The Show

Judging by the response we've had since this show aired, we managed to pack a load of useful information into this show and that's all thanks to Shawn McBride, TEDx Women speaker, author, Attorney at Law and top Business Consultant.

We start by exploring why women can make good business partners, then move through into the top business blunders. Shawn compiled his top ten business blunders as a result of the problems brought to him as an attorney and so it's sound advice about how you can set your business up properly from the start and avoid problems down the line.

If you're thinking of starting your business or setting up in partnership this could be the best 45 minutes you could spend listening to how some simple precautions upfront can help you to create the lifestyle you want from the business you create.

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