The Organized Mind

The Organized Mind:

Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload

by Daniel Levitin

The Organised Mind, Daniel Levitin- Review by The Women In Business Radio ShowNow, I’ve got nothing against coaches and NLP practitioners (I am one for goodness sake) but I’m also an academic with a hard science background and what I like about this book and this bloke is that he’s a neuroscience.  What he’s talking about is science, which he then uses to explain how our brains work – all of the chemical and neuroscience stuff – and how we can use that information to increase our productivity.

There’s no delving deeper for limiting beliefs, no confidence issues to overcome, it’s just plain science which you can either implement or not.

This book is a must for anyone who is desperately trying to do too much at once, but who doesn’t want to reduce the number of projects they are working on.

It also explains why those of us who were super duper productive 20 or so years ago, may be struggling now.  It isn’t necessarily old age creeping in, or the menopause, it’s just that in today’s world we are dealing with so many interruptions and different ways of receiving information and our brains are simply not wired that way. We may have taken multi-tasking a bit too far!

If you want to buy the book directly from Amazon – here’s a link and of course if you do then The Women in Business Radio Show will get about 2p – it all helps!

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