The Business Of Twitter AND How To Have A Happy Life In A Hectic Work World

About The Show

There's nothing quite like getting insider tips on Twitter from the head of Twitter in Europe.

Thanks to Bruce Daisley for sharing his insights on the platform and how it should be used for business. If you're not already using Twitter, tune in to find out how to get started and get traction in your business.

However, the real cream off the top of the milk that comes out of this show is Bruce's ideas, resources and insights about how we can work less and produce more.

He recommends a couple of books to get take us a little further and of course, we can tune into his podcasts as he interviews the key thought leaders in the field of happiness and work culture.

So often as business owners we focus on the busy busy busy activity of inputs and outputs, which can convince us we’re achieving stuff, whilst the real measure of success lies in actual outcomes or results.

Giving ourselves permission to take breaks is key to successful business and a happy life, but sometimes it just isn't that easy to switch off.

If you would like to get off the hamster wheel of activity and do less without feeling guilty, then Bruce’s Eat Sleep Rinse Repeat podcasts (there's a link in the button below) may give us the hard evidence we need to appreciate how less action alongside focused work is a critical tactic for success.


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