Tackling The Menopause And Business

It can be tricky being a woman in business, but when you're dealing with some of the symptoms of the menopause, that can ramp right up. Kathryn helps women in business through the symptoms of the menopause from all different angles.

Maybe you run a business and one of your employees is going through menopause, or perhaps you're struggling with some of the symptoms such as sleeplessness, forgetfulness and disorganisation.

Either way, we have some ideas for you in this episode, so grab a coffee, (or a glass of wine) stick your feet up and listen in.

On today’s show, we were joined by Kathryn Colas, menopause expert, giving us some mature insights to symptoms and her experience whilst going through it. Laura, our co-host of the show also gave us a #ToolOfTheWeek called LyteSpark, it is like Skype just with a few extra features that you can use to interact with clients or business partners.

Book of the week was recommended by Katheryn and it is “Be Gender Smart” by Inge Woudstra. It is essentially a guide for both genders to help understand the different issues both genders faces and how to go about it.

We learnt a lot about how menopause can affect not only your personal but workplace life. Some of the main symptoms are forgetfulness, being confused and cross more than usual but overall quite depressed. If you are suffering, Katheryn suggests a great way to start getting help is by recognising and this and talking about it, especially if it’s people in the workplace. Accept you need a break and take one step at a time.

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