Surviving and Thriving In Massive Uncertainty

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    Zeenat Noorani, Wellness and Mental Health Coach and Therapist. Founder of Vida de la Mariposa.

    About This Episode

    Lockdown 2 in the UK, the global Covid situation and the US Election are contributing to a massive global uncertainty - how do we survive and thrive?

    Tune it to this episode for ideas on how to move forwards, stop the panic, deal with anxiety and move towards creativity again.

    With guest expert Zeenat Noorani, Wellbeing and Mental Health Coach and Therapist, co-host Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell from 1230 The Women’s Company.

    Behind the scenes is Simone Mardell, Production and Media Manager. The host is Sian Murphy, who does lots of things with businesswomen.

    Key Takeaway

    There were 2 key ideas in this show!

    The first is to only focus on what you can actually control. Most of what is going on right now is out of our control, we can battle with a virus and we can’t control what’s happened in an election beyond our own vote.

    We have to focus on what we can control and that’s how we respond.

    The second is that in order to move forwards, and calm down enough to get the creativity needed to generate ideas to improve our circumstances, then we need to acknowledge what we are really worried about; what the real problem is and then take the actions we may not want to take to start the process to improve things.

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