Stronger Wings For Stronger Women

Listen in to find out how Gemma Sharpe shifted from her corporate career in HR, battled breast cancer and turned what she learned about building her own confidence into a business programme helping other women to do the same.

Gemma started her business Lordene Learning to help women and developed her own 5 Pillars of Resilience and Wellbeing which she shared with us live on air.

And what is RAW ?

"Feeling good and functioning well, with the strength to deal with difficult situations, cope with challenges and adapt to change"

This is one of our favourite interviews - Gemma is a real pro, a qualified coach and clearly knows her corporate stuff as well - but there was no jargon, no cliched hackneyed old coaching terms. She turned her troubles with cancer into a truly inspirational journey of one woman launching her business to turn her life around, and the life of those she works with.

We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed having Gemma in the studio with us.

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