Starting And Growing Your Food Business With Karen Green

About The Show

This show is for you if you have an idea or a recipe and are wondering if it could be the makings of a food business.

Our VIP Guest is Karen Green, Business Mentor, Speaker, Lecturer and author of the best selling book “Recipe for success – the ingredients of a profitable food business”.

Karen has worked with some of the biggest players in the retail and food industry and now brings this expertise to small businesses.

We hear her story about starting out as a mentor, her experiences and advice about writing a book for your business as well as an insight into the experiences of some of the clients she has worked with.

Also in the studio is Freda Francis who runs an event and cake company alongside her husband. Freda did that thing that so many new businesses long to do but find so tricky which is to stop giving away products and services to your family and friends for free.

Tune in for ideas, information and business tips from women in business.

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