Start Up Stories and The Importance of Community

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    Adelle Martin – Founder of The Women In Business Mid Life Club

    Susan Kabani – CEO and Founder of Ugenie, a dedicated private platform for online communities and memberships

    About This Episode

    We're joined in the studio by Adelle Martin, businesswoman and founder of the subscription community and base for her clients in the Women In Business Midlife Club. Alongside her, we introduce Susan Kabani, Founder and CEO of, the community platform Adelle uses to manage her community.

    We hear their startup stories as well as how they built and managed communities; the wins and pitfalls and a few reasons how this differs from running your community in a Facebook or Linkedin Group.

    Of course, there are the usual ideas and quick-fire round on business tips.

    Join host Sian Murphy, and co-hosts Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell for this lively and informative discussion.

    Key Takeaway

    Setting up an online community means getting to grips with new digital 
    platforms. However, it’s not the techie stuff that counts, it’s the strategy 
    around creating, managing and growing the community.  
    It’s the strategy that matters and having a plan for how it will grow and how 
    you will manage it as that happens; setting community standards and 
    listening to what your members want is what makes the difference. 
    The other key point was the difference between moving an existing 
    community to a new platform, or meeting space, vs deciding on the space, 
    and then creating the community from scratch. 

    Top Tips For Being in Business

    Top tips from our guests live on air...

    "Strategy not tech. If you don’t know what you want the community to do and how it will grow you will fail"

    Susan Kabani

    "Listen to what people want "

    Jackie Groundsell

    "Decide how you want people to feel as part of your community and set the boundaries and rules around that"

    Sian Murphy

    "Have a clear purpose"

    Adelle Martin

    "Look after your community and make sure there aren’t any bad eggs "

    Laura Lawrence

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