Social Selling With Tim Hughes

It's tricky deciding how to describe this show because there is so much information shared by Tim. Highlights include a great example of how to use Snapchat for business; LinkedIn tips for personal branding; and, how influencers can help you to sell your products and services.

This show is definitely for you if the thought of cold calling makes you feel sick, and you're Tim Hughes Author, Social Sellingwondering how on earth to market yourself and your business out there in the vast, sprawling and seemingly unruly land of online and Social Media .

What I love is that Tim walks the walk; this isn't pie in the sky stuff he's pulled together to plonk into a book or talk about - Tim has the real world experience, success and scars to back it all up.

He wrote the book because he was qualified to do so, not because he could gather together the information to write a book!

At the time of the show,  Tim's book - "Social Selling: Techniques To Influence Buyers And Changemakers" was in pre-launch and could be ordered through this link.  If you're reading this post after July 3rd 2016 then you can buy directly through here:




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