Social Media - What's New, What's Hot, What's Not

10th May 2018

Zoe Cairns, 
Founder of ZC Social Media
ZC Social Media partnership with the Women In Business Radio show

Our VIP Guest

Tune in to hear VIP guest Zoe Cairns share the latest about social media for your business.

Zoe is a highly respected International Social Media Speaker, Trainer and Consultant. Specialising in many areas but focusing on one of the many areas people do not cover when they first set out in Social Media, their Social Media Strategy. She works with many companies, brands and Fortune 500 companies to make sure that they have a strategy and know how to implement high profile campaigns to get the maximum from their Social Media activities.

She has travelled to many places to speak including European Parliament and Government, Amsterdam (The Social Media Strategies Summit), India (Socialathon 2014 for Digital Market Asia), Ireland, Madrid training a 1.2 billion company, Montenegro to speak for NATO, and Malaysia KL.

Zoe is a regular on TV as a social media expert and regularly comments on the BBC World News, ITV This Morning, Radio and Global TV

ZC Social Media launched over 8 years ago and provide bespoke in-house training and programmes across the globe for international corporates and businesses.


Also in the studio is Raimonda Jankunaite, founder of Crowd Velocity,  who will share her story with us and take part in the discussion.

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