Planning For A Productive, Positive and Peaceful New Year

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    Toccara Steele, Identity and Life Coaching, LLC

    Nina Kristofferson, Producer and Star of West End’s The Billie Holliday Show

    About This Episode

    How do you plan for 2021 when 2020 has been so unpredictable?

    How do you get a vision for your business and life when you have no idea what’s going to happen next?

    How do you even begin to start setting goals when the rug could be pulled out from under your feet at any time?

    These are just some of the tricky questions we answer in the show today when the full Women In Business Radio team get together for the last time before Christmas in what has been a tremendously difficult but enlightening 2020.

    Show host Sian Murphy is joined by Laura Lawrence, Jackie Groundsell, Toccara Steele, Nina Kristofferson.

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    Behind the scenes is Simone Mardell managing media production.

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    Key Takeaway

    The very first thing to do before setting your goals for 2021 is to Exhale.  Take a breath.  Take time to let things settle.  Now is not the time to be rushing ahead.  Now is the time to review and let go of what is not serving you at this time.

    If you can’t get the vision you need to set goals and start creating a great new year, then create the vision of you discovering new areas you can venture into; exploring opportunities in industry, community, creativity and for collaboration.

    It’s ok to take the time you need to do this.  Take a break, let go and allow events to unfold because not everything happens in a heartbeat.

    Top Tips For Being in Business

    Top tips from our guests live on air...

    “Set your focus word for the coming year”

    Toccara Steele, Identity and Life Coaching, LLC

    “Re-evaluate different areas of your life and write them down”

    Laura Lawrence

    “Get your body moving”

    Nina Kristofferson, Producer and Star of West End’s The Billie Holliday Show

    “Ask yourself - What Are You Going To Let Go Of?”

    Jackie Groundsell, 1230 The Women’s Company

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