Networking Do’s and Don’ts

About The Show

Are you thinking of going networking to help grow your business, but you don't know where to start, don't know what to do when you get there and are just dreading it? This is the show for you!

Today we were joined in the studio by Grace Kelly, Chair of the Women In Business Networking group and founder of 21st Century Flooring. Alongside her are 3 members of the group the Glass Artist, Beverley Bunn; Transformational Life Coach Mel Smith and Naaila Clements who is a Health and Wellbeing Consultant.

During the show we explore...

* How to decide which networking group is right for you
* What preparation you might need
* What to do on your first visit and how to actually walk into the room on your own
* Ideas for boosting your confidence

Listen in with host Sian Murphy and Co-host Laura Lawrence for more business ideas and of course to hear how everyone gets the collywobbles from time to time!

If you're wondering what that sign that Sian is holding up is all about - it's her asking for a coat as the studio was so cold!



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