Keto and Intermittent Fasting Diets Demystified with Karen Roberts Weight Loss Expert

We did have fun in the studio today, Karen Roberts is a good laugh who whilst she certainly knows her stuff about the Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting, doesn't take herself or the regime too seriously.

Having spent 20 years as a fitness expert, Karen decided to give up the 20 fitness classes she was teaching a week, and starting using her brain instead of her body as a transformation coach. The days spent sitting down instead of jumping around, together with nibbling from the fridge, meant the pounds piled on and before she knew it she was 3 stone overweight.

Her journey to shed the weight, and the excess skin, has now led her into a new business as she helps other businesswomen to do the same.

Karen shares the facts behind the Keto Diet, and how it can work alongside Intermittent Fasting to not only help you lose weight but free you of the need to always be worrying about where the next food fix is coming from when the brain fog and hangry sets in.

Tune in to hear the live recording of the show with host Sian Murphy, Co-host Laura Lawrence and of course Karen Roberts.


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