Keeping Fit As A Woman In Business

Today we welcomed Dani Needham into the studio to cover some of those questions we may have as women in business...

Is there a difference between men and women when it comes to keeping fit?

Is there a difference between keeping fit and being healthy?

How can you keep healthy as a 'deskbound' woman in business?

Plus, we found out about how Dani is using Facebook to rejuvenate a defunct Facebook page, and we even got a video of exercises you can do at your desk - even in a tight skirt!

Dani is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Club Manager in a new & growing gym in Kent. She is the health & fitness editor and co-founder of award-winning lifestyle blog, Beauty at Brunch, and now writes the online content for Whey Ahead, the UK's first flavoured organic protein powder, as their brand ambassador.


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