It’s All Gone Horribly Wrong!

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    Annabel Kaye, Koffeeklatch

    Lucy Guthrie, MadCreative

    Florence Liz Nakkozi, Classic Professional Organising

    Jackie Groundsell, 1230 The Women’s Company

    About This Episode

    Sometimes it looks as though everyone else is doing so much better than we are.

    What happens if you have a blow that seems like it could be the end of your business?

    Today’s guests Annabel Kaye, Florence Liz Nakkozi, Lucy Guthrie and show regular Jackie Groundsell, share their experiences of when things really didn’t go to plan, in fact, they went very off-plan.

    What did they learn, what did they do and where are they now?

    As usual, the show is hosted by Sian Murphy and co-host Laura Lawrence.

    Key Takeaway

    When something happens, sit still for a while and take stock before you leap into action.

    Top Tips For Being in Business

    Top tips from our guests live on air...

    "Keep connecting"

    Jackie Groundsell

    "Do something people are prepared to pay you for, and make sure you get paid"

    Annabel Kaye

    "Keep doing something new"

    Lucy Guthrie

    "Keep believing and stand by your mission"

    Florence Liz Nakkozi

    What Do You Know Now, That You Wish You Had Known When You Started Out?

    We always try and get this question in live on air...

    "Be more aware of how long things take"

    Lucy Guthrie

    "Expect the unexpected"

    Annabel Kaye

    "People are interesting"

    Jackie Groundsell

    "Always put a value on your time"

    Laura Lawrence

    "Get to know your ideal client at the beginning and focus on that"

    Florence Liz Nakkozi

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    I movie App


    Deep Art Effects

    Office 365

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