Is Imposter Syndrome Screwing Your Business?

Well, I think we covered nearly all of it in today’s show with Grace Graham.  Grace is a certified business coach (and there aren’t many of those around) who works with women and specialises in helping people identify and tackle imposter syndrome.

If you’re wondering what that is, well it turns out that nearly all of us have experienced it at some point in our career.  We talk about how to recognise it, what to do about it, what not to do about it and how to help someone you know who may have it.

Along the way, we take in her social media tip, the book of the week, top tip to grow your business and Grace’s top tip for being in business. And of course, we ask her what she knows now that she wishes she had known when she started out.  Which is a big enough mouthful to actually ask - let along answer!

A really fun show with an absolute live wire who’s worked in the US as well as the UK and is an inspiration to anyone not feeling entirely brilliant about themselves - but who should be!

Grace Graham Imposter Syndrome 3
Grace Graham Imposter Syndrome 2
Grace Graham Imposter Syndrome 1

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