Is Anxiety Stifling Your Business?

Today we were joined by co-founder of Avviso Media - Lucy Hall - and we were chatting about social media and anxiety in business.

We also had Lucy's daughter Lily in the studio - just in case you're wondering what the gurgling and giggling noises are!

Anxiety is something that affects many of us even though we may not talk about it. Symptoms include; self-sabotage, extreme worry, not replying to potential customers as well as physical symptoms like racing heart, sickness and memory lapses.

Tune in to hear Sian, Laura, Kelly & Lucy discussing their personal experiences as well as giving actionable tips on how to manage anxiety in business.

Lucy Hall In The Women In Business Radio Show Studio With Lily
Anxiety After Show Selfie

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  1. Jennifer Valenrine-Miller on 15/02/2018 at 2:20 pm

    This was a great radio show about over coming anxiety in your business – however at the same time knowing that anxiety is part of the supply and demand cycle.

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