Innovative Strategies and Tactics To Grow Your Business

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    Liz J Springer, The Innovation Strategist

    About This Episode

    In the show today, we discussed how growth means change, and the possible barriers for that to happen.

    We also had a wiz through planning your day for productivity, what are innovative strategies, and the difference between the business strategy for corporates vs small business and solopreneurs.

    One word that kept on coming up was systems!

    And, how do you deal with people who think it's ok to call on you because you run your own business, so you have time to chat. 'Only Me!'

    Of course, there are also some top tips for business with our special guest Liz J Springer, The Innovation Strategist, author, speaker and business consultant.

    Our host is Sian Murphy, Co-Host Laura Lawrence and a regular contributor to the show, Jackie Groundsell.

    Key Takeaway

    Create systems for the things that matter in your business:

    How will you get customers?

    How will people pay you?

    How will your business deal with complaints?

    What happens when an invoice isn’t paid.

    We reckon these are the top four for any business, but what are yours?

    Plan down to a very fine timeline – ‘I’m going to take 30 minutes to do this task.’ This means you have to manage distractions such as the phone, emails coming in and people calling for coffee!

    Top Tips and Quotes

    Top tips from our guests live on air...

    "Be tenacious, keep trying and don’t give up. If you fall down 19 times, what really matters is that you get up on the 20th time."

    Liz J Springer

    "It takes a change for a change to take place"

    Liz J Springer

    What Do You Know Now, That You Wish You Had Known When You Started Out?

    We always try and get this question in live on air...

    "Have a strategy for your business."

    Liz J Springer

    "The ability to say no. I had a client who expected results from a new marketing campaign within 2 weeks of it being launched. They weren’t a good fit for a client, and I should have told them I’m not working with them."

    Laura Lawrence

    "Having the courage to have a selection process for clients and to turn away the ones that aren’t a good fit vs chasing clients and taking everyone on."

    Sian Murphy

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