How To Wow Your Customer The Taylor’d Bundles Way!

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How many times have you heard that the best thing to do in business is what you’re passionate about? If you’re anything like us, quite a lot I should think. However, this advice isn’t just because if your’e passionate about something you’re going to enjoy it more, it’s really about how that passion means you’re going to create a better business.

When you’re passionate there isn’t compromise; you don’t let standards slip so you can get something done quicker, or for more profit. Passion creates a business you care about and that shows through into what you deliver.

That’s what really shines through as you listen to Caz Taylor talking about her journey to launch and grow her business Taylor'd Bundles which delivers special gifts to people at key events of their life. Sometimes these events are happy, such as the birth of a new baby, and sometimes, when things don’t go as expected, they are not happy events, It can be difficult for friends, relatives and colleagues to say the right thing and then they turn to Caz and her team.

We hear Caz talking about how she delivers that customer experience, how she met the challenges of business and her top business tip.

We were also joined by Jo Martel who has her own customer service challenge running art workshops for children and adults and who takes her role of helping her clients find their creative side and take their life to a new depth very seriously.

Also in the studio was our lovely co-host Laura Lawrence, Jo Wooltorton on the camera as the token man and Kelly Culver tweeting like crazy.

Fab show and thanks everyone.

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