How To Turn Your Idea Into A Product

Our VIP Guest on the show this week was Sarah Dillingham.

Loads of women have brilliant ideas about how an existing product can be improved.  The number of people who manage to secure funding, design, manufacture and launch their idea as a viable product is considerably less.

Tune in to hear how Rheumatoid Arthritis patient Sarah Dillingham’s dream of dancing at her own wedding was marred by having to wear her bland, beige and itchy wrist support.

So she gave it a makeover, a bit of a bling up.  Her simple idea is now being transformed into a business.

We follow Sarah through her journey, her tips for applying for funding, and through the ongoing design process.

Sarah is now looking for more people who wear wrist supports to get involved in the development process and also to connect with other businesses who are shaking it up in the chronic or long-term health accessories and support industry.

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