How To Start A Business Selling Things You Make

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Do you have a hobby, something you love doing?  Do you craft gifts people ask for, or perhaps you went to art school, or just love drawing and are wondering if the next step could be starting a business.

That’s exactly what our guests Carrie Stay and Tracy Greeney did.  Listen to Carrie’s story about how she started out selling her art at a market stall, went on to found a design agency and how she is now introducing a new income stream as she publishes her Rock Star Branding Workbook.

Carrie also shares some invaluable branding guidelines if you’re in the process of sorting out your own branding.  And who isn’t?  Even if you’re not planning on being NIKE, you have your own brand, even if you haven’t intentionally created it, it’s still there and people make judgements based on it.

Tracy Greeney founded Tracy’s Dreamcatchers after spotting that a series of seemingly unrelated events where she ended up creating dreamcatchers could actually be developed into a business.  But she didn’t just dive in, she had other ideas before.  We find out why this is the one that’s working and how her business has more depth than we may first appreciate.

Together Tracy and Carrie share their start up stories, their tips, what worked, what didn’t work, ideas for using social media and lots more.

We are also joined in the studio by Laura Lawrence, business woman and co-host and we have Kelly Culver, our own social media guru managing Twitter for us.

What could possibly go wrong?  Quite a lot as it happens.  See if you can spot the hosts microphone being dropped just as we go live!

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