How To Be More Successful By Improving Your Fitness

Are you an entrepreneur, a student, or have a demanding job? Do you feel like you’re always on the go, stressed out, and need more hours in the day?

No matter what it is we’re trying to achieve – whether it’s career progression, passing exams or being more organised at home – there’s one thing that we can do that will guarantee we’re more successful. And that’s improve our fitness.

Being more productive, and therefore more successful, isn’t about spending more time working. Here’s why you need to be taking the time away from your desk in order to reap the endless rewards:

6 Ways Improving Your Fitness Will Make You More Successful

Improving your fitness will supercharge your energy levels
Imagine a world where you don’t get as tired each day… You’d have the energy to work longer hours, or even work the same amount of hours that you do now, but with more energy you’d certainly get more done in less time! Having more energy will definitely help you achieve more in each day, thanks to exercise. So hit the gym to increase your stamina and your working day will be juiced up too.

Improving your fitness will upgrade your focus
With an increase in energy comes an increase in focus. Now that you’re less distracted by tiredness, low mood, or that ‘is it time to go home yet’ kind of clock-watching, you can better focus on the task at hand. Pair energy boosting workouts with good nutrition choices and avoiding performance-robbing junk to unlock lazer-focus all day long.

Improving your fitness will reduce your stress levels
Working out, going for a run or breaking a sweat in any way is a great stress buster. And this doesn’t just apply to when stress strikes, so don’t wait until that contract falls through to hit the heavy bag! Exercising everyday will help you sack off daily stresses as they pop up, resulting in a happier, more productive you.
Get away from your desk, take a break and go workout!

Improving your fitness will help you gain perspective
Making your health and fitness, and that of your family, an absolute priority in your life will help you realise that as long as you’re happy and healthy, not much else matters. When you feel the benefits and importance of great health, you’ll recognise that 99% of the shit that you worry about at work doesn’t matter. This’ll lead to better and more rational decision making abilities and a next-level mindset in business.

Improving your fitness will promote your immune system
Raise the bar on your health and fitness and you’ll automatically promote your attendance. Improving your fitness will improve your overall health dramatically, including boosting your immunity, thus reducing the number of days that you take off due to sickness. So taking the time out to exercise now will mean you can put the time in later, even when there’s ‘something going round the office.’

Improving your fitness will inflate your confidence
Exercise affects our well-being in so many amazing ways, from energy, focus, stress, positivity, immunity… it’s not surprising that we feel so good when we exercise! But another reason we feel great after a workout is because it boosts our confidence, too. Having faith in our own physical abilities is a powerful confidence enhancer that will be reflected in other areas of our lives, including work. Smashing a few PBs in the weights room will translate into smashing that up-coming presentation, too!

Improving our fitness levels will create so many improvements in other areas of our lives, that it’s such a no-brainer! (In fact, our bosses should definitely recognise the importance of great health and fitness in their employees by prioritising healthcare benefits, IMHO…)

What benefits have you discovered since improving your fitness?

Dani x

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