How Alison Cork Grew Her World of Interior Design

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Our studio guests today were the entrepreneur and TV presenter, Alison Cork and her publicity specialist, Donna Lambert.

Having built her interior design and lifestyle empire, and being the first women to float her company on the UK stock exchange and sit as a board member, Alison has recently founded the not-for-profit initiative, Make It Your Business.

“Make It Your Business” is a massive collaborative programme created to help women start and grow their business.

Listen in to find out more about Make It Your Business; how to join for free; get help from and learn from already successful women business owners who are also keeping it real.

Plus, it's available globally, which means wherever you are, there is support for you as a woman in business.

Also in the show, we talk to communications and publicity expert Donna Lambert who left the corporate world of marketing to start her own business and now works alongside Alison.

Alison and Donna join in with our pre-amble discussion about recommended business books, tips to grow your business and of course we hear the stories of how they launched and built their companies and how Alison realised her dream of creating a World Of Interiors alongside her Radio and TV career.

As if that wasn't a packed show already, we also hear from Tracy Fance for the regular monthly spiritual business insights.

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