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    Gary Parker, Managing Director of Funding and Business Specialists CNT Associates

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    In the show today, we welcomed coach and mentor, Bayo Igoh who brings his background in the public and private sectors to help people reach their professional goals.

    We discuss what coaching and mentoring mean and how you can pick the right person to support you.

    Along the way we explore the concept of success, working with women and how our belief systems affect our results.

    There was one fab quote and concept to come out of this show, which can change the way you feel about your business and success in life.

    Our host is Sian Murphy, Co-Host Laura Lawrence and a regular contributor to the show, Jackie Groundsell.

    Our mission is to provide a platform where all women in business can shout about their business as well as broadcast the information women need to grow their business with confidence and joy.

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