From Corporate To Business – Taking The Plunge After 40

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    Suzanne Shaw - Founder of Kent Trainers Ltd

    About This Episode

    Real-Life Stories Of Women Starting Their Business After 40 Years Of Age.


    What's it like to start your first business when you're in your 40's?

    The Women in Business Radio Show Team, Sian, Laura and Jackie, are joined by guest Suzanne Shaw, Kent Trainers Ltd, her business venture after leaving a successful corporate career.


    During the show, we hear startup stories explore some of the ups and downs of starting a business over 40.


    Grab a coffee (or a glass of wine), settle down and listen in for some top tips, ideas and, of course, a light-hearted and fun discussion.

    Key Takeaway

    Launching a business when you are older has definite advantages. Life experiences, career and life skills are likely to be better developed. 


    One factor which might be a barrier is fear, and especially that around income expectations. The longer we have spent in our career, the higher our salary is likely to be.


    However, being realistic about how long it can take to achieve your income goals and creating a solid business plan helps you manage risk, expectations and set a course for success. 


    But as our guest today put it, "Do It!"

    Top Tips For Being in Business

    Top tips from our guests live on air...

    "Consider all of the business administration you need to do beyond the stuff you love doing"

    Sian Murphy

    "Listen to your gut and don't be afraid"

    Jackie Groundsell

    "Go For It"

    Suzanne Shaw

    what do you know now, that you wish you had known when you had started out?

    We always try and get this question in live on air...

    "Everything takes four times longer than you think it will"

    Sian Murphy

    "You can be the best boss you've ever had"

    Laura Lawrence

    "It's hard. It's not an easy ride. You have to put your heart and soul into it as running a business isn't a hobby"

    Suzanne Shaw

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