Eliminate Fear From Your Life

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    Hannah Chamberlain – Founder of award winning mental health app Mental Snapp

    Hayley T Wheeler – Creator of EmotionMind dynamic coaching model

    Kate Munden – Trauma Specialist

    Tracey Allport – multi-trained therapist and found of MOTH Therapies

    About This Episode

    As it happens, the title of this show 'Eliminating Fear From Your Life' is entirely wrong!

    In this week's episode, we were joined by four businesswomen who help clients to navigate fear in their personal and business lives.  Tune in for:

    • the difference between depression and fear
    • top tips for dealing with fear
    • 3 different types of fear - and one of them could be good!

    Plus, our guests share their top tips for being in business

    The usual banter by host Sian Murphy, co-host Laura Lawrence and regular contributor Jackie Groundsell.

    Key Takeaway

    Fear doesn’t always make itself obvious with a big banner. Sometimes there are only subtle clues. Procrastination, playing on social media, busy work, and even bad backs and poor health can be the result of fear.

    Top Tips For Being in Business

    Top tips from our guests live on air...

    "You are the most important resource in your business so look after yourself"

    Hayley Wheeler

    "Build good relationships"

    Kate Munden

    "Network, get out there. Keep talking."

    Hannah Chamberlain

    "Keep balance and make friendships."

    Tracey Allport

    What Do You Know Now, That You Wish You Had Known When You Started Out?

    We always try and get this question in live on air...

    "Nothing is fixed. It all changes and it’s ok to change as your business grows"

    Kate Munden

    "Just keep doing what brings you joy"

    Tracey Allport

    "Self-knowledge is a super power"

    Hayley Wheeler

    "Business is people so embrace your idiosyncrasies."

    Hannah Chamberlain

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