Run Your Business Online For About £1 A Day!

If you’ve just started out in business and you’re at that no-money stage, or you are still sorting out who you are and what you’re doing, so one way or the other you may not feel ready for websites and all that.

Well the reason I love Constant Contact is that you can run (well almost) your business using Contact Contact. Let me explain what I mean with this and how I explain it when I’m working with young startups and low cost businesses.

Constant Contact lets you send out beautiful newsletters, to very targeted groups of people.  This could be your customers, prospects, collaborators and whoever you need to communicate with. It could be different groups of customers, or just one customer , through to all of those people you meet at a craft fair, pamper event, pamper party or networking meeting.

You can also set up and take money for event bookings.

But if we forget about Events and Newsletters and just talk about the technology – this is all driven by software which is easy to use but also lets you do other things – for instance…

1. Create a sales page for a particular product, set up a pay now button and sell it direct to your customers, into Facebook Groups, email it out, really whatever you want – it’s a sales page.

2. If you don’t have a website, or don’t have a website where you can create web pages, then you can use this technology to set up a web page around a particular product, service or just to give out information.

3. Perhaps you can teach what you know.  How about setting up a system where you can get paid for a training programme and then deliver your ‘lessons’ on drip feed through to your paying customers.  And you can take the money, deliver your lessons, workbooks, inspiration and motivation – all whilst you sleep – this is the set it p and leave it running, passive income.

If this sounds like a Membership System – then you’re right it is – but without the big ticket development for creating a full blown membership website.

Of course you can also use it for what’s it’s intended – to collect your contacts into your pipeline, communicate with them, sell, create beautiful emails, coupons and events.

It’s difficult to know where to start with how Constant Contact will help your business, but first let me give you an overview of what it does.

Constant Contact NewslettersIn it’s simplest terms, it lets you send branded, pretty newsletters to your prospects, customers and collaborators.  Similar tools to help you compare are Aweber and Mailchimp.

Whilst there are all sorts of features where Constant Contact differs from these, for me, and my clients the key feature is the telephone support.  You can pick the phone up and a real live person will go into your account with you and take you step by step through what you need to do.  That could be anything from setting up contact lists, to how to put a different colour in your newsletters. And they will spend hours doing that if necessary.

  • With close to 1 million users, that is a real feat of achievement!

Let me highlight a few points I think are the most important…

It’s designed with small businesses in mind

The newsletters are 100% customisable

You can sell directly from your newsletter – it even links to your Paypal account so you don’t have to fiddle around in PayPal with buttons and code – you just add the price of your product and any post and packing and Constant Contact just creates a sales button for you!

You can post your newsletter out to people as a link in your email – or, and this is where I just love it – you can post it into Facebook Groups.  If you don’t have a website where you can create sales pages – THIS is your sales page!

You can integrate your newsletter sign up with Facebook really easily.

When you meet someone who would like to go onto your newsletter mailing list – you can easily add them yourselves (that’s not as easy as you might think with other service providers).

There are so many more benefits that it would be just boring to waffle on.  If you want a demonstration then you only have to yell.  Call our office on 01634 823343 or the mobile 07557 953980




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