Shifting Your Business For Coronavirus

About The Show

These are strange times indeed! The Coronavirus situation is sweeping the globe and forcing all of us to think about how we work, run our businesses and interact with others.

Over the very first few weeks, we are seeing massive changes in how the business community is responding.
How can you balance compassion for others with keeping food on the table for your own family by keeping your business going?

What can we post onto social media and blogs at this sensitive time?

Should we even be marketing our businesses?

We are joined for our very first online recording (so please be gentle as the production quality is not up to our usual studio standard) by Zoe Cairns, founder of the Social Media marketing agency, ZC Social Media and Adelle Martin, The Executive Mid-Life Coach who is just stepping out into her own business to launch her brand new coaching programme.

Zoe works with small businesses and international brands and is helping them to strategise their new approach on social media - and she shares some of the ideas with us.

Adelle tells us how she has very quickly reorganised how to deliver her new programme to deal with the new situation.

We dip into pricing when everyone seems to be giving their stuff away as well as some ideas for goal setting.

The word for this show is Pivot - so tune in to get ideas on how to pivot your business!

Also in the studio are host Sian Murphy and co-host Laura Lawrence.


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