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Kelly Tolhurst in The Women In Business Radio Show with co-hosts Laura Burton Lawrence and Kelly Culver
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The Women in Business Radio Show On Air
WIBRadio in the studio with Gemma Sharpe

The Women In Business Radio Show

The show made it's very first broadcast in April 2014, when it was just me, Sian Murphy, accompanied by ad-hoc co-hosts.  Six months later, Laura Lawrence appeared as a guest talking about marketing, and never left!  Now we are also joined by another co-host Kelly Culver, social media marketer and young entrepreneur.

The show is broadcast live each Thursday at 11 am BST from Channel Radio 2, the business talk show station which is part of Channel Radio.

Whilst we broadcast in Kent UK, the show has an international audience and is introducing regular slots from women in business based in the USA, Australia, Canada and Africa.

You can meet the core team and see where we are and how to get to us if you're appearing as a guest.

Our Mission

  1. To share the information women in business need to grow.
  2. Provide a free, friendly and fun platform where women can get media experience and talk about their business based on their knowledge, experience and passion and not what they have already achieved, where they've been published, how much they've made or can afford to pay.
  3. Connect women in business across the globe so they can share knowledge and support each other from within their respective economies, lifestyles and experiences.


We have various ways you can join in.

Why not apply to be a guest on the live show.  We prefer you to come into the studio, although we have the international phone in's.

Perhaps you would like to write for the show?  Apply to be a guest writer.

We are developing our advertising and sponsorship programme.  And it's taking us a while, and this is why.  We don't want to charge a fee to come onto the show, it must be accessible to all and guests are booked based on merit and not their ability to pay.

In the meantime, we have a website to maintain, processing and publishing of the show, social media to manage to get the word out and travelling and technical expenses.  If you would like to donate, even if it's just enough for a cup of coffee, that would be wonderful.