A Free CRM Tool That’s Fully Loaded!

Hubspot  CRMMy experience with CRM’s (Customer Relationship Managers) is that they take ages to learn, even longer to get your data up into them, and when you’ve finally got it all done, you find out there is one critical flaw that means it won’t work for you.

There is also generally a wheeze when they are free – you can only upload 200 contacts before you have to pay, or only one person can use it.  With Hubspot CRM that isn’t the case – of course there are extra things to buy – they are a business after all, but those things are improvements for you to add in as your business grows, not limitations to being able to use the tool as a fully featured CRM.

And it’s simple use, even when you’re customising the fields to suit you.  Now before you go hoiking everything you’ve got over onto this, please go and have a look, load up a couple of records and see how it works for you.

If you have any ideas you think will help other business people or, have any other tools you can recommend please pop something into the comments below. n


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